Do you remember the band Oasis? If you do, then you’d remember that the band comprised of two brothers named Liam and Noel Gallagher. I don’t listen to them as much anymore, but back in the mid-1990’s the songs off their album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory, played a prominent part in the day’s following my 1996 wedding to Hubby. To this day hearing these songs, particularly “Don’t Look Back In Anger, remind me of driving in our convertible rental car (with the top down, of course) back to our hotel in Kaanapali from Lahaina on the island of Maui. That song just happened to be playing on the radio as we drove up the coastline while watching the sun set on the ocean. It. Was. Heaven on Earth.

But I digress. This post wasn’t to share that memory (although, I hope you enjoyed that imagery). This post is about another mid-1990’s pop-culture icon. A person, who might be related to the brothers from Oasis.

Mary Katherine Gallagher

Mary Katherine Gallagher

Oh yes, I’m talking about Mary Katherine Gallagher. Remember her from SNL in the mid-nineties?

Yes, today my Show and Tell item is the Halloween costume I wore to work this year. Okay, so I wasn’t exactly Mary Katherine … but the intent was to be a Catholic school girl. A bad one, nonetheless. And no, I don’t mean the sexy Brit.ney version either.

It started off as a joke when my co-worker told me that she and her sister went to a costume party dressed as nuns. (Ha! Get it?! Sisters dressed as “Sisters”?) When we found out that there would be a costume contest at work, I jokingly said that I’d come as a Catholic school girl (with green and white saddle shoes!) and she could come in as one of my “teachers” back in my grade school days, complete with the wooden ruler for disciplinary purposes.

So we hatched a plan where we’d arrive at work at the same time and walk in together. After all … the effect wouldn’t have been the same if we came in separately.

Friday morning … I’m patiently waiting in our parking lot when my co-worker’s car pulls up behind me. One look in my rearview mirror and I’m completely cracking up … because she looked exactly like how one of my grade school teachers would look. As I literally stumble out of my car, she points up at the front of the parking lot … and there is my other co-worker dressed up as a nun as well.

As my co-worker said, “When have you ever seen a Sister without another one around? They always travel in pairs!”

Well needless to say, we had a blast playing our parts for the day. And during the competition, our “skit” included the me chewing gum and putting on inappropriately shiny lip gloss, as well as them chasing me while screaming, “Get back to class, young lady!”

After all was said and done … we won third place! And that was without the “flask” and candy cigarettes I wanted to carry around … Woo-hoo!

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