Flying High

I am totally on cloud nine right now. The events over the past week and the reality that’s about to come has got me flying high.

I wish I could un-PWP those specific posts that can better explain the reason for such emotions. Unfortunately there are those certain aspects of our lives that won’t exactly allow us to shout it from the rooftops. At least for now.

In any case, this news has definitely added a skip to my step, a slight upturn to my lips … a light at the end of a really long and dark tunnel.

For once in a very long time, this change in tides just feels right. After years of banging my head up against a brick wall … of going through doors that seem to lead to nowhere … this path finally seemed to be the correct one. And the doors? They have amazingly been opening up all on their own. What a relief after years of struggling to open one door just to face the next locked door.

But I’m not taking anything for granted. I am truly relishing this moment. Because I know that moments like this are few and far between. Truth be told, the last time I’ve felt this excited … and full of optimism … was the two years before and the two years after our wedding. And that was more than ten years ago. (Wow. I just realize that it’s been that long …) Not that we haven’t had great times and haven’t formed a multitude of incredible memories and experiences … it’s just that we haven’t had that “anything is possible” feeling since then.

And especially since boarding that roller coaster ride called “Infertility.” Because really, there’s only so much “impossibility” (read: hopelessness, aka BFN … as in “Big Fat Negative” pregnancy test) that one can take.

Which is why I know not to take anything for granted. Seeing as I know that, even though at this very moment these doors are unlocked … it only takes a second for them to slam shut and to once again be dead-bolted.

So I’m going to relish this “high” for as long as I possibly can.

"All you need is Love"
Jumping for Joy in Las Vegas at The Beatles "Love" Cirque Du Soleil

4 Replies to “Flying High”

  1. I’m glad things are going so well for you…. and I’m sad that I can’t read your PWP posts, because the not knowing what’s going on is killing me 🙂

  2. emily, I can’t remember your password, but now I’m all curious about what’s going on. anyway, love the bounce in your step.

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