About Apron Strings

My Infertility Journey ended in Child-free living, but
 grief & emotions still rear their ugly heads every so often
My hope is that my musings can help
educate & inform others of
the emotional turmoil of experiencing IF


Why name a blog “Apron Strings for Emily” when the most common reference to actual apron strings is either about being tied to one or needing to be cut from one?

My husband came up with the name of this blog, knowing that the song “Apron Strings” from Everything But The Girl was probably my most favorite song in the world. What he didn’t expect was that this blog and that song would be pretty much the run­ning theme for what I “needed” to blog about.

For me, the song “Apron Strings” is all about long­ing. When put in con­text with infer­til­ity, it becomes specif­i­cally a long­ing for a child. If you haven’t had a chance to read the lyrics to the song, feel free to read it here. Then let me know what you think.

With our decision to live Child-free after infertility, this song has taken on a new meaning. Now … instead of that long­ing for a child … I am now long­ing for the under­stand­ing from oth­ers that liv­ing child- free after infer­til­ity was not an easy deci­sion to make. And let­ting go of these apron strings continues to be quite a difficult task.


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4 Replies to “About Apron Strings”

  1. Dear Emily,

    I’m working on an ABC News special about Professor Randy Pausch. I read your blog post commenting on Professor Pausch’s lecture and I would love to ask you more about how it has touched your life. It would be a great opportunity for you to share more of your thoughts and inspirations. Please contact me at the email addressed I have entered in this reply.

    Best regards,

  2. Emily,
    I’m the head editor for the Pregnancy, Birth & Adoption channel of Blog Nosh Magazine (www.blognosh.com), and I found my way to your blog via a very twisted route of blogrolls and links. I love your writing, and I’d like to work with you on republishing some of your posts on Blog Nosh. (I was particularly taken with your post “Trusting Myself”.)

    I can give you more details if you’ll drop me an email at the address in my reply, and let talk about working together.


  3. I am so happy you are getting the recognition you so richly deserve! Keep it going, love!

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