Attempt No. 2

nablo1108120x240Okay, so I’m going out on a limb here. Seeing that I have now consistently written just about every day (sans a day here and there) for the past three weeks, I’ve decided to make another attempt at posting more consistently.

I may live to regret this, but I think I’m going to attempt NaBloPoMo. I personally blame Becky from Mommy Wants Vodka (just kidding, Becky … ) for inspiring me to do this. She’s doing it, so I decided to try it too. Of course, she’s also more a consistent poster than I am, so we’ll see how well I do.

So what to talk about today (which, I guess is technically Day 3)? Perhaps how I should have been wearing this t-shirt today at work? Hmm, for those of you that questioned who I was planning on voting for from this post … I guess you probably can figure it out now. Well, at least I still have tomorrow to wear that shirt. Wonder what the Exit-Poll people would do if they approached me.

Or I could talk about how I need to remember not to schedule my dental cleaning four days after Halloween again. What. Was. I. Thinking?! Seriously … I’m a little afraid for my poor hygienist, who might be finding some “Bit O’Honey” or bite-size “Snickers” bits in the back. Poor, poor girl.

Or I could talk about how this evening I watched “Duran Duran: Live from Wembley“on VH1 Classic Concerts. (And yes, Kara … was totally thinking of you.) It made me regret not going to see them in concert for that tour. Because, is it me? Or did Simon Le Bon’s voice get better and stronger with age? Or did technology advance that much since watching the “Arena” concert?

Oh, I know. I’ll talk about how easy it is to get suckered into taking stupid online quizzes. I must confess, that one time ( … at band camp … ) I must have spent an evening just taking quizzes. For me, it usually starts off by reading about someone else’s quiz.

In this case, it was another friend‘s blog who took a quiz on what she should be when she grows up. Of course then I wanted to find out for myself (because I still haven’t figured it out … ). And once I finished that quiz, I saw another one I wanted to take. And another one. And yet another one. I swear … I must have taken about 5 of them. But this one was the one that made me stop:


You Are Changing Leaves

Pretty, but soon dead.

What Part of Fall Are You?
(Don’t click it … even though I know you want to!)


I mean, seriously? “Pretty, but soon dead”?! Kinda a little freaky, don’t you think? And to think, that Fall is my absolute favorite season. Hmm … I might need to rethink that.

Okay, babbling enough. Guess I need to save some of this babble and spread it out over the next month …

4 Replies to “Attempt No. 2”

  1. That quiz is just strange… I didn’t click it but it makes me wonder if there are any positive options 😛

    I had such a crush on the boys in Duran Duran. I think that John Taylor was my fav. Around that time I also had a crush on George Michael during the “Wham” days… little did I know that we just weren’t meant to be!

  2. That fall leaves thing made me laugh — what with that and your blogger confirmation letters I think your computer is haunted!!!

    Ah Duran duran. I still remember English class in the seventh grade and looking at John Taylor when I should have been — what? learning?

    I nearly failed the seventh grade.

    Hooray for NaBloPoMo! Emily everyday!



  3. You can DO it, Em. If I can do it, YOU can do it. I’ll be your cheerleader, okay?

    And that shirt literally made me laugh out loud.

  4. OMG or rather OOOOOMMMMMMGEEEEEEE. You didnt say DURAN DURAN did you…. I know – it was like 29 posts ago but I am just now catching up and I am not even doing napaolio or whatever the hell it’s called.

    Oh – I how I love me some DD and your other commenters were in love with JT also. Wow, that man’s ego has got to be healthy. I know have to go make friends with your other cool commenters and oh, Live from Wembley was great and that was the same year I met them – OH MY GOSH – it was fab (just like them). I will post pictures soon – I promise.

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