For Everything Else …

Last Season’s Green Plaid “School Girl” Skirt with
Matching Green Sweater on clearance at Old N.avy:

"Sometimes, when I get nervous ..."
"Sometimes, when I get nervous ... "



Slightly used Green and White Saddle Shoes
purchased from local thrift store:

They're actually Golf Shoes!!
They're actually Green & White GOLF shoes!!



Two Wooden Promotional Rulers:

"Tools of Discipline"



GettingTwo Co-workers in Nun Costumes to chase you
around the office building:




For everything else … There’s Laughter Card

5 Replies to “For Everything Else …”

  1. OH MY GOD — I so wish I was at YOUR halloween — it looks like so much FUN.

    Oh you should have met the nuns I knew — crazy activist peace nuns — gotta love it!



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