The Quick Brown Fox …

jumped over the lazy dog …

Oh yeah … Day # 6 and I’m already stretching the dregs of creativity.

Okay, so I do have a few posts in the work but I just haven’t had time to sit down and write them “properly.” After all … I am quite the deliberative person.

So. What to talk about today? How about how I went to pick up my parents at the airport this afternoon? Except I wasn’t quite sure what time I was supposed to be there until about, oh … let’s say 1o am this morning?

Yeah. So when I went to their house to drop them OFF at the airport at the beginning of their trip … in typical Filipino fashion, my parents (well, actually my Mom) was running behind and rushing around. She left me what she thought would be their flight itinerary, but in reality … all the paper had was a list of where they would be on a day-to-day basis. Nope. No flight info anywhere.

Of course I didn’t realize this until after the had already been gone for a few days. And of course there was no way to get a hold of them, as part of their international trip included cruising the Greek Isles. And why would they think of calling me just to make sure they were okay? (Hello?! Dad with a history of a heart attack and open heart surgery within the past year … in a foreign country?!)

But … at least I knew what day they were scheduled to come back home. And what airline they were using. AND which airport they were flying in from. So, “Encyclopedia Emily” decided to go to the airline website and figure out which flights were coming into Detroit from the airport they were flying out from. And my excellent deductive skills narrowed it down to three different times.

Problem was, that they were all about 2-3 hours apart in time. So I could’ve showed up at the first time and possibly have had to wait until they showed up (which could be as long as 6 hours … can you imagine that?!) OR I could hope to G*d that they would call me before their flight takes off.

Lucky me, the latter happened.  Which is good, because there’s nothing to do and no place to just hang out around our airport. And I wasn’t about to pay whatever huge amount it would be to just park my car in the lot. AND, well … I didn’t bring anything to do (read: knitting) if I had to wait around.

Okay. So that was a lame story. I promise a better one this weekend.

But maybe not tomorrow, because I’ve got my youngest cousin’s wedding … oops, I mean cotillion-slash-18th birthday party to attend.

3 Replies to “The Quick Brown Fox …”

  1. Oh man, are you doing Nablopomoforo-lio? I can’t keep up on commenting, much less writing every day.
    I hate picking people up from the airport – even when i know I’m supposed to do it, my timing is always off. Glad you got them ok though!

  2. Do you knit?! I’d love to finish my knitting projects — I always get part of the way through and then the cat drags the yarn around the house and tangles it into a giant ball.

    I personally am glad you’re doing NaBlopo…whatever it is…the more to read the more to enjoy..I’m so behind but it gives me something to savor when G’s out of town this weekend!



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