I’ve finally sought some professional help.

Okay, so technically I’ve already been seeing a wonderful therapist (… who completely ROCKS, by the way). But that’s not the kind of help I sought out this morning.

You see, I have been absolutely sick since coming back from vacation. Yes, I initially thought all the deathly-doggedness and weariness was simply from a stupid case of jet-lag. And then I thought … only a 2-frickin’-hour time difference? How can it be jet-lag?

And then I started with the runny nose. And the congestion. And then came the sore throat and the cough. By Wednesday, I thought I got over the hump and was back on the road to recovery. But then I lost my voice on Thursday and then developed soreness on my ribs from all the frackin’ coughing on Friday.

So after a night of coughing up yucky stuff … oh, and my lung … I broke down and went to an urgent care center this morning. Because I thought I might be able to kick this sickness with lots of juice and soup and fluids all on my own. Alas, the stubborn nurse in me finally broke down and kindly asked for some help (read: magic candy pills) in getting rid of this bugger. So Dr. Candyman so abliged after looking at my nose and throat (all swollen) and listening to my lungs (nice and clear). “Bronchitis,” he says and tells me to take it easy for a few days. Sheeee-it. Can’t I at least have a note for work excusing me for … oh, I don’t know … the next twenty years?!

Anyway ….

Thank you thank you thank you for all those that have told me I’m not the only one out there that can’t “just relax” and also for those that have offered wonderful relaxation tips. Reading all your comments has just made me smile a little longer, laugh a little louder.

I seriously don’t know what I would do without my bloggy friends. Geesh … it still astounds me that after eeons of IF issues, I’ve only found this method of support a year ago. How I ever survived before finding you all is nothing short of a miracle.

Oh yes … now I remember. I just went day to day simply in survival mode … Wake up, go to work, come home, spend time with Hubby, and sleep. Rinse and repeat day after day after day.

It’s still the same rinse cycle I live in, but at least this detergent has color-guard in it … to prevent colors from fading.

If you didn’t get my sad attempt at making a clever wordplay … you guys add color to my otherwise lack-lustered world.