Proud to be in Health Care

Given the historic moment last night**, it’s not suprise that work today was … interesting. Oh, did I forget to tell you that I work for a major health insurance company?

We’re a smart bunch, us RN Case Managers. We’re smart enough to know that the landscape of health care will change. However, we’re also smart enough to know that the basic concept of Case Management will remain the same regardless of how health care is financed.

We know that nurses will continue to be needed in whatever setting they’re currently in. We know that hospitals and other extended-care facilities (like nursing homes or rehabs) will continue to need the skills that a Registered Nurse can provide. We know that physician offices will continue to need the assistance and, let’s face it, the compassion that an RN can provide in order to explain certain procedures and condition in layman’s terms.

Specifically as Case Managers, we know how important it is for a person to be aware of their own health. We know that knowledge and education is important in order for a person to be self-directed in their own care. And we know that the average person might not be as knowledgeable on how to navigate the health care system. Which is why, today of all days, that being a health care advocate for a person is important; why being a Case Manager is an incredibly powerful thing.

So despite the fact that health care as we previously knew it will change … and regardless of exactly how this will be carried out within the health insurance company I work for … it’s a good time to be a nurse; a great time to be an RN Case Manager.


Two weeks and counting until the end of my Lenten journey. So, in Croatian

Dobro djelo za danas: Today’s good deed. Nothing big today … I happened to run into a fellow supervisor walking into our building this morning; her arms full of various things she had to carry in from the train. So being the kind person I am, I lended her a hand. I helped her up the stairs, through the security gate, in the elevator and onto our floor. Whew … I’m tired just thinking about the distance it takes to get from the entrance of our building up to our floor!

Osjećaj zahvalnosti za dan: Today,  I am once again grateful for the awesome husband that I have. Let’s just say that this morning’s walk with Kozzy resulted in a nasty mess … one I didn’t even notice until Hubby and I were in the car driving to work. And even then … it took me a moment to realize that the poo smell was coming from the bottom of my shoe. <blech!> But the good Hubby that he is, he offered to wait in the car once we got to the office so I could change shoes (extra pairs underneath my desk, yo!) and have him take the stinky pair home. (This of course, happened BEFORE I helped out my fellow supervisor!) He’s so incredibly good to me!!


** If you want to see what *I* had to say about Health Care Reform, take a look at the bottom half of yesterday’s Mish Mosh post.

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