Show and Tell: Doin' De-butt

showandtellI actually posted this on Saturday. And really, since I’ve been out of town, I didn’t have a chance to post a Show and Tell this Sunday. So instead, I’m updating this post to make it this Sunday’s Show and Tell.

Presenting … my youngest cousin’s cotillion. Or what we call, a “Debut.” In my case … it’s de-butt! 🙂

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Whew. This was a busy week.

Monday was spent catching up on the events that happened over the weekend. No … not the “social” aspect of last weekend (although I might blog about that another day). Working as an RN in the health care industry, the work never stops. Even when working for an insurance company. So as the phone calls and faxes came furiously all day Monday, there was little to no time to rest. And given that our company was closed for Election Day … well, I wanted to get everything from the weekend done by the end of Monday, so that Wednesday, I could work on everything that came in from Monday and Tuesday. So basically, my work week was spent trying to catch up from the previous couple of days. I. Hate. Work Weeks. Like That.

Yep. Me at 18. At my Debutt. With a few of my Cousins.
Yep. Me at my Debut with a few of my cousins; the same year my youngest cousin was born

Tuesday, obviously Election Day. Hubby & I tried to stay up to watch the results come in, but ended up falling asleep in bed with the T.V. still on. I swear, one minute (oh, let’s say around 11:30) Obama had 207 to McCain’s 148 (or something like that …) and the next, it’s 11:55 and the news reporter on the T.V. announces that they’re waiting for the new President-Elect Obama to give his victory speech in Chicago. And then the next minute it’s 5:30 in the morning and the T.V. is off. I’m guessing that Hubby finally turned it off when finally going to bed. Or, I turned it off in my sleep haze and don’t remember doing so. Either way, I’m seriously bummed I didn’t get to hear Obama’s speech.

(Sidenote: A week prior to the results of this election, I received one of those mass emails from one of my parents’ friends about how a vote for Obama would mean a vote against G*d … or something along those lines. And since then, I’ve been getting these “replies” from people that I don’t even know either agreeing or disagreeing to that first email. Today … I got one with this article attached to it. Grr …

And here's the Cousins 18 Years Later!
And here's the Cousins 18 yrs later!

Wednesday was obviously a repeat of Monday morning. And we all know what happened on Thursday.

Now yesterday … yesterday evening was fun. It was my youngest cousin’s cotillion. In the Philippines, it’s customary to celebrate a girl’s “coming of age” by having a “Debut” party when she turns 18. (Think “My Sw.eet Sixteen” with a two year delay.) I had a variation of one; more of a combination of a graduation / birthday party, all while wearing a fancy shmancy dress. My youngest cousin had, what I consider more of a traditional Filipino cotillion; complete with the white ballgown, the 16 or 18 person “Cotillion Court”, and the ballroom dance routine.

She Could Be Princess Jasmine!
She Could Be Princess!

Oh, and did I mention that her party was more elaborate than my wedding?! Uh, yeah. So much that when we got the invitation in the mail … I thought that it was actually a wedding invite! Even the banquet hall was complete with a “head table” (for my cousin and her “Court”) and chair slipcovers with baby blue satin ribbons to match her “theme.”

And the cake … !!

But really, the best part of the party was, once again, being with my cousins. One came from as far as California just to celebrate with us. And the fun that ensued was beyond incredible. As tired as I was from the past work week … I wished we could have spent more time together. Perhaps one day we’ll be able to do the “girl cousins” cruise we planned that night!

(Another Sidenote: If you ever want to see a great example of a traditional Filipino cotillion … not to mention an excellent example of growing up Filipino-American, go rentThe Debut“. It’s so “on the nose” that it totally freaked even Hubby out!)

The Wedding ... I mean Cotillion Cake
The Wedding ... I mean Cotillion Cake

And today? Well, today I’m finally getting a chance to relax. Hubby & I took a trip to Chicago for an extra-long weekend getaway. A much needed getaway. We’ve been busy nonstop with various activities since Labor Day and just wanted to have a moment together without any distractions. And when we got a most excellent deal on a Downtown Chi-town hotel, well we snapped up the offer. So as I type, I’m lying in our wonderful king-size bed watching my Hubby snore next to me. Oh, and I think he’s getting sick, too.

But I’m seriously okay with that. And to tell you the truth, I almost half-expected him to get sick. After all, he has had little to no sleep over the past weeks. And this is his body’s way of telling him that taking care of himself is just as important (if not more) than any other business he has.

Besides, then I wouldn’t have time to write this post.

5 Replies to “Show and Tell: Doin' De-butt”

  1. Wow! It sounds like the cotillion was a blast! I always feel like I missed out on something since your basic white protestant middle class american has no sort of coming of age recognition. I mean, hispanic cultures have the Quinceanera, Jewish kids get a bar or bat mitzvah, people with more money than sense get obscene Sweet Sixteen parties, but us Methodists just have pizza and cokes (and maybe a sleepover). Bor-ing!

    And lucky you getting to be in Chicago. H has some training thing there, but they haven’t scheduled it yet. Could be six months or could be a year- who knows when it will happen, but when it does, I am SO there!

  2. I know some Italians have pretty elaborate baptisms/first communion/confirmation parties for their kids. Thankfully, dh’s family (so far, anyway…!) seems to stick to parties at home with the family. Although the last cousin’s kid’s first birthday party we went to had almost 100 people in attendance (!). I just keep thinking, if they get THIS for their 15/16/18th birthday, what are they going to expect for their wedding???

  3. AND you’re Filipino??? How did you take so long to de-lurk woman? haha. I don’t know if you picked up that Hub is Filipino as well. (Filipino-Chinese that is)

    Anyway… I’ve gotten a lot of this crap too. Note that in that article, they called one of Obama’s daughters Natasha, and I was pretty sure it was Sasha.

  4. The cake looks so yum!
    Hindus never have something of this kind(this coming of age tradition). Your cousin looks so pretty in her gown! Best Wishes!

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