Good Deed #1

Yesterday started my Lenten journey of paying it forward. And what do you suppose I did for my random act of kindness? Well, it wasn’t anything spectacularly big … but I suppose by being a “random” or unplanned act, it doesn’t have to be anything astounding.

I must say, though … for my first “good deed,” I couldn’t ask for anything more simple and direct. Meaning that I really didn’t have to go so far out of my way to look for something nice to do. In this case, as I was walking into my work area … which just happens to be in a high traffic conference room area … I just happened to look down at a rather important-looking piece of paper that rested on the carpet. I bent down to get a closer look and realized that it happened to be someone’s RN license. And the name on the license didn’t belong to anyone that I knew.

As soon as I settled in to my cubicle, I logged on to my computer and proceeded to email the person whose name was on the license. Within minutes I was handing over the RN license to particularly happy individual; grateful that he didn’t have to spend the time logging on to the State’s website to print up a copy of the original license I just handed to him.

Our Engagement Picture
Our Official Engagement Photo. Look how *young* we look!

There you go … my first random act of kindness. And now, I get to unveil the first (of many) things that I’m thankful for.

I guess I will go for the most obvious thing (at least for me) that I’m grateful for … and that would be the fact that I married my best friend. Seeing that we first met in high school and have been together as a couple since the summer I graduated from high school … I am thankful that we have grown up and “grown into” the relationship that we have today. In other words, both of us have been very fortunate that we haven’t had any previous “baggage” to bring into our world; that we’ve been able to build our adult relationship from scratch.

And because I know there aren’t that many couples out there that have had this luxury of growing up together into a relationship and having the patience with each other as we’ve fumbled through “rookie” mistakes, I know that we’re lucky. And I am most grateful.

So there you have it … Day 1 of 40 done.

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