A Song I know All the Words To

Day Eight – A Song I know All the Words To:

This song was one of those great party songs … that turned into a song that was overplayed and well-hated. I blame it on the FIFA World Cup ’98 video game that Hubby played over and over again during the summer of 1998.

Now, I inevitably smile every time I hear this song. It’s got such a catchy verse that you can’t help but sing along whenever it gets played. Either that, or you wanna raise a beer mug and start swinging it back and forth, all while Mr. Chumba and Wumba start crooning “Oh, Danny Boy … Danny Boy.”

Now you’ve got that song in your head, don’t you?

You’re Welcome.

Hey, at least it isn’t the Macarena!


What is with this 30-day song challenge?

What was yesterday‘s song?

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