Emily Goes Stalkerazzi

293Oh yes. The day has come.

The day where Emily takes being a fan to another level. And becomes a fanatic.

But d*mn, was it worth it!

Let me paint the picture. As I’m busy at work earlier in the morning, preparing for a day chalk-ful of meetings and more meetings, I receive a phone call from Hubby.

“I know where you need to be later tonite,” Hubby tells me. And as I question him why, he tells me, “You need to be at the AMC River East tonite.”

“Because … ??”

“Because it’s the premiere of ‘Public Enemies‘ and Johnny Depp and Christian Bale are supposed to be there.”

“Really?!,” I just about screamed, as my cubicle neighbor looked up from shuffling songs on his iPod.

294“Really,” Hubby confirms.

And so that’s all I needed to hear. Hubby, the awesome husband that he is, met me after work and accompanied me to the downtown movie theatre off of Illinois Street in Chicago. And there, on the barricaded street, we waited along with the thousands of other fans.

Patience finally paid off as we started to see unmarked black SUV’s pull into the street. And a few moments later, we began to hear screams from the crowd. First Christian Bale came out to the crowd to sign some autographs. Then, after more screaming and a walk down the red carpet to the media tent … my man, Johnny Depp hit the street. And walked down to greet his fans.

Lucky me, happened to be towards the very end of the street where Johnny decided to begin his trip. And also lucky for me, I managed to be up against the barricade.

Oh yes, girls. I got face-to-face, up close and personal to the one celebrity my awesome husband once gave me permission to leave him for.

295As Johnny was about three fans away from me, I tried to help this tween-age girl move up to see Johnny and get his autograph. But then the crowd around us pushed us up against the barricade. Johnny happened to notice that and paused in front of us long enough to make sure she was okay before signing her book. Then as he looked at me through those blue-tinted sunglasses, he reached out and squeezed my arm.

Seriously, people. If Johnny asked me to run off with him to a faraway island at that very moment, I wouldn’t have given a second thought. (Sorry, Hubby. But you did give me permission … )

But of course, we all know Johnny wouldn’t have done that. And in reality, I could never leave the incredible man that is my husband. Because even though he doesn’t own a Caribbean island and make millions of dollars like Johnny does … I am absolutely in love with my Hubby; the one man who allows me to go all Stalkerazzi and still loves me for who I am.

And now, for your enjoyment (and mine) …

11 Replies to “Emily Goes Stalkerazzi”

  1. I’m very happy you got to see your other man. Now only if I could spot Jessica Alba. 😉 And for the record no permission was given to leave me, well not permanently at least. A getaway maybe. But only maybe.

  2. Your personal superstar IS super cute. 🙂 What is it about Filipino men that just makes them irresistible huh? Then again I guess I am a tad biased. 😉

    That is SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME! What a wonderful story! See.. he only wants to deal with good people, so you got some face time! 🙂 He seems like such a sweetie.

    Woo hoo! Go Emily!

  3. Wow, you got some great photos!! He is cute! (both of them, lol) (I wish he’s get a haircut, though — that hair hanging in the face drives me nuts!)

    When we were first married & living in the city, we lived just up the street from a couple of theatres. During the Toronto Film Festival, they premiered “Tears are Not Enough” at one of them (a documentary about the making of an all-star Canadian song to raise money for African famine rlief — sort of the Canadian answer to “We Are the World”). The only person I saw clearly was Ronnie Hawkins, who is kind of a legend but an old man even then, lol. I did see what I thought was the top of Bryan Adams’ head. ; )

  4. Kuya Bobby earns mega-points! I guess he will never have to do chores forever? Great story. You guys rock!

  5. whoa … I’m fanning myself from the hotness. Johnny Depp will always be a fave, but I have to say that C.Bale is mighty tasty himself.

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