That’s it. I’m officially on a Tryptophan trip. I’ve eaten enough turkey last night to hibernate for the rest of winter.

J + J = Just Jidding!!
J + J = Just Jidding!!

The turkey we had at my in-laws house last night was delish. I think what made it more tasty was the fact that the Thanksgiving lunch we had didn’t exactly have “freshly carved” turkey. But the company at the restaurant was worth any time spent there.

My 18-year old cousin, the one that recently had her cotillion, was there along with my parents and our other aunt’s (by marriage) mother. Unfortunately, my cousin’s mom and our shared uncle and his wife (said aunt previously mentioned) weren’t able to make it as they were all working.

Let me tell you. The fact that both my aunts still work as nurses in the “trenches” (read: bedside nursing) after more than thirty years is f*cking amazing and I’m so proud that they still do it. Because I sure as h*ll couldn’t do it anymore. But I digress …

It was just a great time, eating and talking, and watching the Lions lose (no shock there) at the restaurant. Which was then followed by going over my parents house to look at some of their recent pictures from their vacation in Greece and Turkey. Believe me, the irony that we were looking at pictures of Turkey on Turkey Day was not lost on all … well, at least me anyway.

Sandwiched in a "manly" iPhotoBooth
Being sandwiched in a "manly" iPhotoBooth pic

After that, it was a quick drive to our house, to pick up our Wii and other fun things and then it was off to the in-laws where we devoured that delicious turkey, watched the second Hulk movie with the boys (which included Hubby’s four younger cousins and our nephew), and finally played Rock Band and Wii Sports for the rest of the night.

Overall it was a wonderful day. The best moments of which were:

  • Sleeping in this morning and subsequently snuzzling next to Hubby.
  • Taking silly pictures and playing iTouch Air Hockey and Hangman with my cousin on the couch at my childhood house.
  • Sitting in my nephew’s room surrounded by all boys; three of which decided at one time or the other to snuggle up next to me.

Those moments … those snippets in time … they’re the ones that make the holidays memorable.

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  1. You guys look like you’re having so much fun!!! G and I always lament that our holidays are like the island of misfit toys from that old Christmas special — us and our mothers…and a few stragglers….OY!

    I’m a little behind in commenting but I wanted to say hello and commiserate about eating WAAAY too much turkey (still eating it today and its Saturday)



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