Dim Sum of Nuttin'

Ack. So I’ve been doing good in the blog posting lately … I still can’t believe I’ve done a post a day for now 17 days. Actually more, as I posted a few a day before the month officially began. But in the process I’ve neglected posting comments. And that’s really because I haven’t honestly been reading so much lately. In fact, my Flock reader bar has filled up to more feeds than I can possibly read in one setting.

D*mn. And I had been doing so well for a while.

Brother & Sister
Brother & Sister

Seriously though. Where the heck did the month go? I still can’t believe that a week from this Thursday is officially Thanksgiving. Which, of course means that the Holiday season is literally around the corner. Except, I swear the stores seem to think it’s in full swing. And let me tell you, hearing the holiday music all over the frickin’ place is annoying.

Worse even is that it’s only mid-November and there’s snow on the ground. Well at least there was early this morning. Ugh. This is Michigan … which, unless Mother Nature plays another trick on us, means that we’ll be seeing snow until early April. That’s five months of seeing snow. Almost half a year. Ugh.

It’s not that I don’t like snow. It’s pretty to look at, pretty to play in … totally sucks to clean up after, drive in, deal with stupid drivers and salt trucks. But hey … this is life in the Great Lakes state.

img_58161Moving on to something else …

Hubby was asked by our nephew to be his confirmation sponsor. So today, we went to mass at our nephew’s church where they asked the candidates and their sponsor to commit to this Catholic sacrament’s process. Afterwards, we had gone out for some dim sum at a local Chinese restaurant. Lots of yummy dumplings and noodles later … Hubby & I were sitting around holding our niece, who amazingly slept all throughout mass and pretty much all through lunch. But alas, she open her little eyes to us and was being her utterly adorable self.

If I could only find a way to duplicate her and take her twin home with me …


Okay, this is all I can manage for today. Until tomorrow …

2 Replies to “Dim Sum of Nuttin'”

  1. All you NaBlopolomowhateverblo people are keeping me busy!
    If you find a way to duplicate that kid, send me one. She’s adorable.

    I hate winter. Ug. I saw the first snowflakes today and was NOT happy.

  2. That baby is sooooooo cute! Oh my. THat is what makes my heart melt. If you figure it out, I’ll take the triplet. 🙂 I am a midwesterner too. Winter is here in spirit before the first actual day of winter. booooooooo.

    You have a lot of protected posts lately. I hope they are full of good news and progress. 🙂

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