On the Road

This is what you get for
making faces at the camera!

Hubby & I have been getting a little antsy lately. We’ve both been crazy busy at work lately and were looking for a little adventure. So we decided to take a little road trip this weekend.

The catalyst for our trip was to head back to the west side of the state to attend a surprise birthday celebration for one of our friends. The look on his face when he saw that we drove such a distance today just to celebrate with him was priceless.

Then we figured since we were already out that far, we’d keep heading west and visit my brother and his wife in Chi-town. Well really … I wanted to visit my two “nieces” (the kitties Mocha and Sophia) and “nephew” (the adorable Wrigley). That and meet the newest member of their family “Ryan,” who is another rescue greyhound and actual litter mate of Wrigley. This should be fun … let’s see how four adults, two cats and two big dogs can all comfortably move around in a not-so-big condo.

We have no idea what else we’re going to do during our trip to the Windy City. We’ve been there so many times that we’ve pretty much exhausted all the “tourist-y” attractions. Except maybe go up the top of the Sear.s tower, which I’ve never had any inclination to do anyway. I think we just wanted to take some time to get away from the every day grind. We all need those mini-vaca’s every once in awhile …

In the mean time, here’s a photo that my SIL sent to me of Ryan. Apparently he has quite the same demeanor as his brother Wrigley … so I’m sure that I’ll be falling in love with him as well. Too bad they couldn’t keep the whole baseball field theme with the names and call him “Bennett” (as in one of the original names for Tiger’s Stadium) or “Trumbull” (as in “The Corner” of Michigan Ave and Trumbull, where the old stadium used to be). But the names Wrigley and Ryan do sound pretty darn cool together … so I’ll let them keep it. 😛

I’m sure I’ll have more pics of the “nieces and nephews” when we get back … so be prepared for an onslaught of pet pics in a later post. But for now … we’re off to Chicago!

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  1. What a cute puppy! I’ve been thinking more and more lately about having pets again. Since I’ve been a “grown up” (and that term is used SO SO SO loosely!), I have always had kitties, and even had a Weimaraner for a while before she went to live with a friend who had another Weimaraner- they’re difficult dogs, and I had to move from the house plus yard I was living in into a place that was too small for the little girl (Kenzie) that I adopted, and so Kenzie went to live with her friend Bailey. The understanding was that when I moved into a place that was appropriate, she would come back to living with me. But just as that happened, the sweet Bailey dog died of cancer, and so Kenzie stayed with my now-lonely friend. It’s cute though, because she still remembers me and freaks out when I go over to visit. It’s so weird that this animal who has limited cognitive ability remembers a person who she hasn’t lived with for several years and at that, only lived with for the first 8 months of her life.

    Anyway, if I had a fenced yard, I would put in a doggie door and get a pup, but for now, it looks like kitties are the best option, except that the husband is semi-allergic to some cats. Oh, well. We’ll just have to find one that he’s not allergic to, right?

  2. Is that hat for real? Because I need one.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip! I’ll be looking forward to more pics!

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