Ohhhh yeah … The Detroit Red Wings are one more game away from winning the Stanley Cup!

Yes, Mrs. Spit … I know how upset this must make you. A non-Canadian team match-up for the title. But I must remind my friendly neighbors to the north, that Detroit has played a big part in the history of the National Hockey League. First of all, the Red Wings are one of the “Original Six” hockey teams still in existence from the first decade of the NHL. And second … anybody who knows hockey (and even quite a few that don’t) knows who Gordie Howe is. Yup. Mr. Hockey, No. 9 of the Detroit Red Wings. And finally, I do believe that Detroit is pretty much known league-wise as “Hockeytown.”

If you wanna know a really quirky fact concerning Detroit and Canada … Did you know that Detroit is the only U.S. city in which you have to drive south to cross the Canadian border? Yes … our friendly neighbor, Windsor, Ontario is the southern-most city in the great country of Canada, which makes many of those Cannucks that support our Red Wings have to drive north to catch one of our home games at “The Joe.”

And that, my dear blog friends, just might wanna make you scream, “Get the puck out!” Just like Hubby did multiple times tonite …