Short Week

Well … after three days of not leaving the house (and changing out of my pajamas only so I can answer the front door when the pizza delivery guy came), it’s time for me to go back to work.

I’m still not feeling a 100% better, but at least I can stay upright and not be short of breath for more than 15 minutes at a time. I am still planning on heading to my primary doc’s office today (if I can get an appointment), just to make sure that I don’t need antibiotics or something. What sucks the most is that my diaphragm and abdominal muscles hurt so d*mn much from coughing … and I still don’t feel as if I’ve been able to get the gunky stuff out from my lungs. So I guess worse case scenario is that I’ve got reaallly bad bronchitis or early pneumonia. Let’s hope it’s not the latter.

The good thing about this week is that it’s a short work week. And that’s meant both in number of days worked and number of hours. We get Thanksgiving and the day after off (woo-hoo!) as paid company holidays. And since I my normal work week consists of four 10-hour work days, on paid holiday weeks we’re only required to work 8-hr days so the pay equals out. It kinda reminds me of having half-day school days just before the beginning of (in this case) Thanksgiving break. But without the science project or History report that’s due the following Monday after break. (Thank goodness!)

And seeing that next Monday will be December 1st (yeah, I know … can you believe it?!), I will be extra happy. Because this means I would have survived NaBloPoMo!

One more week. One more week … {mutters Emily, under her breath}

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  1. I hear you on the short week! Yeehaw! Back in Texas, you got thanksgiving and the day after off, but here in NC, it seems that schools give Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday off! So after my one super easy class tomorrow, I’m DONE!

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