Two Cokes …

… after 10:00 pm is never a good idea. And I know that, yet I still drank them. Grrr.

Last night, Hubby & I had the pleasure of dining at one of our favorite bars/restaurants with one of our good friends. And because it had already been a long day, I needed a little caffeine boost. Not to mention that it helped that tickle in the back of my throat.

When getting home, I knew that I would crash easily. What I didn’t expect was to wake up at 4:45-ish and toss and turn.

Of course, it really could be that I have a lot on my mind right now. Especially with the new job starting in (OMG!!!) about 6 weeks.

Or it could just be that I’m still not feeling as great as I could be. But at least now I’m being properly behind-the-counter medicated (read: prescription antibiotic and expectorant).

Instant HumanOh yeah … so the good news from El Doc is that it’s not pneumonia. (Whew!) But if I don’t get that gunk out of my upper chest and sinuses … it could quickly turn into it. (Crap!)

So yeah. It’s official. I do indeed have snot for brains (and apparently for lungs as well) … !

Now if you excuse me, I must find my next caffeine buzz.

And so the vicious caffeine cycle begins …

6 Replies to “Two Cokes …”

  1. Ooh, how I love me some Coca-Cola! I have to buy it in the tiny cans so that I won’t mainline the stuff. Honestly, though, I prefer fountain Coke. It just tastes better, but with free refills abounding, it has to be a special occasion for me to order one. My mouth literally started watering when I read the title of your post- I’m an addict! I can’t help it!

    I’m so glad you’re being medicated, and so glad that you are beginning to clear all the gunk out.

    And the new job starts in 6 weeks? Man! That’s no time at all!

  2. I laugh because I have TOTALLY done this before. And I always forget why I’m tossing and turning until at least the next afternoon. I’m, apparently, brilliant.

  3. I love me some diet coke and caffeine! Sorry about having to be up due to the nice buzz, but congrats on the new job! What will you be doing? Something nursing I’m assuming? I had Jason and my mom smuggle me in coke when I was in the hospital the last few weeks – it really helped settle my stomach and I loved the caffeine, LOL!

  4. I always forget about caffeine, drink too much, and then curse myself later. Booze too – when I drink to much I pass out and then pop wide awake in the middle of the night.
    I hope the drugs help and you get better soon.
    What are you doing for moving? Have you figured all that out yet?

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