Show and Tell: Ring Exchange

showandtellUgh. This … whatever it is, is kicking my butt. Instead of feeling better, after two days I’m feeling worse. Methinks I need to hit my primary doc’s office tomorrow. Anyhoo …

Today’s Show and Tell item is a photo from my cousin’s wedding in London, Ontario this past October. The ceremony was held at the Chapel at Windermere on the Mount, which is a retirement residence not far from the University of Western Ontario. However, prior to becoming this the place was once an all-girls Catholic school, serving also as the convent for the Sisters of St. Joseph. And prior to THAT, the location was actually the Motherhouse for the London Diocese since the mid 1800’s and also served as an orphanage.

I love digital cameras with zoom ...
I love digital cameras with zoom ...

The current chapel was built in 1953 and the decor clearly reflects this. Lots of stained glass, lots of nouveau Art Deco pieces. Oh, and lots of gorgeous tile work and woodwork, too. But what was most beautiful about the chapel, in my humble opinion, was exactly how the sun hit the the center of the altar at a particular time. At my cousin’s wedding , the sun decided to shine as the wedding rings were exchanged.

Lucky for me, I was able to capture it on film.

Well, kiddies. I think that’s it for this episode of Show and Tell. If I were feeling a little better, I might have been inclined to show you more. But alas … these cold medicines have been fogging up my brain.

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17 Replies to “Show and Tell: Ring Exchange”

  1. Wonderful picture of the ring exchange.
    Wishing many happy and infertility-free years together to your cousin and her new hubby :-)))

  2. Hey, I know EXACTLY where that is!! It was a girls’ school when I was at UWO in the early/mid-80s, & about 10 years ago, my two aunts stayed there when my uncle had a lung transplant at the University Hospital. The accommodation was veyr barebones, but it was cheap & convenient to the hospital. Dh & I went to visit one weekend & we peeked in the chapel. A lovely place for a wedding, & a great photo!

  3. I hope you feel better soon 🙁

    That picture is really sweet. You can tell a lot from the way they are holding each other’s hands.

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