On my first Show and Tell post, I shared with you some pictures of Yami, our charming black kitty. Our favorite indoor black kitty, who was not to be mistaken with our favorite indoor senior citizen kitty, Rain. Well, I had to make that distinction because of this little one.

Meet Sabrina, our favorite outdoor black kitty.

Except Sabrina is actually our next-door neighbors kitty who loves to hang out in the bushes in front of our house.
Hubby and I call her “Sabby” for short, because she reminds us of yet another black cat, named Sabbath. Except Sabbath is actually a fictional kitty, who is part of this cool goth chick‘s kitty posse.

But going back to Sabrina. She is the most affable black cat that I’ve ever met. I think that if a person was superstitious of a black cat crossing their path, they should stay off of our street. Because, Sabby will definitely friendly enough to try to meet you (at least if she doesn’t see you as threatening).

Sabby and I are in such good terms that if she happens to see my car turning onto our street from down the street, she will literally sprint towards our house in anticipation of me pulling into our driveway. And I know that I recently garnered much respect from her when, as I sat on our porch steps to pet her, she climbed right onto my lap and snuggled.

Her “real” owners say that she’s not like this with anyone else except her “mom” and her human “sister.” I think I’ve literally become one of her “sisters.”

But my favorite Sabby story is the time that I happened to find our neighbors dog on our lawn. I went inside to grab our dog leash to snap onto our neighbor dog’s collar. And when I came out, Sabby was sitting on our porch, making sure that doggie didn’t run off again. And as I walked down the street towards doggie’s human house, I glanced to my side and saw Sabby walking right next to me. And after neighbor doggie was dropped off, Sabby and I turned around and walked down the street side by side.

So today, on Halloween, I thought I’d share Sabby with you. She is definitely my most favorite outdoor black kitty.

Happy Halloween!!