A Song That Makes Me Fall Asleep

Day Ten – A Song That Makes Me Fall Asleep:

I love the Cocteau Twins. I remember first hearing “Carolyn’s Finger” back in the mid-80’s while watching MTV’s “120 Minutes.”

Remember that show? Back when MTV used to be all about music? Matt Pinfield was the host and that show (which technically started at 12am early Monday morning) focused on all the alternative music bands, playing videos and songs you’d never see or hear during the daytime. Or throughout the week, for that matter.

I remember “120 Minutes” clearly; because that’s where I was able to record many a Jesus & Mary Chain or Skinny Puppy video on my trusty VCR. (I still have those VHS tapes somewhere … ) Since it was a school day the next day, I also remember trying to stay up just to catch the first half hour. And to pass the night until midnight struck, I’d listen to the Electrifying Mojo.

But this is supposed to be about a song that puts me to sleep. I first saw the Cocteau Twins during the winter of my first year in college. “Heaven or Las Vegas” (the album) was a cassette that was on constant rotation between Future SIL (who was my college roommate) and me. We’d use it to help us study, especially during mid-terms and finals. And … if either of us were particularly wound up at the end of a busy night (*cough* college parties *cough*), we’d play the album to help us unwind and relax.

To this day, I use that album (now in digital format, thank you very much) to help me fall asleep on those nights where insomnia gets the best of me.


What is with this 30-day song challenge?

What was yesterday’s song?

Yeah ... we studied ALL THE TIME in college!

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  1. Love it. We’re so lucky to have seen them. My favorite of course will always be when Galaxie 500 opened for them at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor. I miss my glow-in-the-dark Galaxie shirt.

    That’s a great photo of you guys in college.

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