Puppy Power!!

I was so excited to go home this past weekend. Not only because I’d be there to celebrate both my Mom’s and a good friend’s birthday. Or just because I was *so* looking forward to sleeping in my big queen size bed with Hubby sleeping by my side. Nah … the biggest reason I was excited to go home (besides being with Hubby) was to see my Kozzy.

If you don’t remember who Kozzy is, she’s our 11-year old “puppy-girl” who we joined our family on the day the Red Wings won their first Stanley Cup Championship in 42 years. Hence Kozzy’s real name: Kozlov Konstantinov. Kozzy for short.

Kozzy as an *actual* puppy
Kozzy as an *actual* puppy

We adopted Kozzy from the “Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo” Day at the Detroit Zoo. The moment we first laid eyes on her, we fell in love. She was the quietest, meekest puppy we saw, and she appeared so docile. But, boy were we ever fooled.

The minute we got her home, Kozzy was all over our house and our backyard. And in true puppy-fashion, she was in to everything. Although she literally failed puppy school (she was labeled “socially aggressive”), Hubby and I can’t imagine life without her. And because I wasn’t going to be readily available to care for Kozzy in my new digs, Hubby & I decided that she wouldn’t move until Hubby moved as well. So yeah, I was excited to see my puppy-girl.

When I finally saw her, Kozzy was just like that excited hyperactive puppy she was when we first took her home. Throughout the whole weekend, she didn’t want to leave my side … even if it was to go get the laundry in our basement. And because of that, I just felt totally loved; totally needed. So having to leave her once again, once the weekend was over proved to be pretty difficult. Because not only was I saying goodbye to Hubby for the week, I was also saying bye to Kozzy until the next time I come back into town. I totally miss her and her silly antics …

honestscrapOkay, so (kinda) switching subjects … can anyone remember which cartoon character used to shout out “Puppy Power!!”? Yep, it’s none other than Scooby Doo’s nephew, Scrappy Doo. And the reason I was brought up this particular puppy in this post (other than to somehow tie the story of my Kozzy into this post) is because I recently received an award from one my IF bloggie buddies.

So a great big Thank You! to LoriBeth for awarding me the Honest Scrap Award!

But with every great award, comes great responsibility … or is that with great power comes great responsibility? Regardless, the rules of the Honest Scrap Award are as follows:

  • Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
  • Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
  • List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

So let’s begin. Hmm … 10 honest things about me:

  1. I am definitely NOT a morning person. I’m more apt to stay up late and wake up even later. BUT … if getting up early means I can get to work at an earlier time so I can leave work earlier, then I would drag my sorry tired a$$ to work.
  2. I love reading all kinds of books. But if given a choice between “War and Peace” and “Shopaholic Takes Manhattan”? I’d definitely choose the latter … or even some trashy young adult book. Yeah … I have a thing for Chick Lit and Teen Romance. But what’s worse is that …
  3. Sometimes when I’m done reading those books, I will return them to the local bookstore and get credit towards buying another book. (I feel like such a dork keeping copies of Meg Cabot teen books on my book shelves …) I guess you can say it’s “almost” like borrowing books from the library. Except instead of a library card, it’s a Visa card.
  4. I consider myself pretty flexible and a go-with-the-flow type of person which, in normal circumstances I am … but throw a major issue that requires an immediate decision? I freeze up. I become paralyzed with anxiety and fear.
  5. Along the same “pretty flexible” line … I always thought I had the ability to see things in shades of grey. Nothing could ever be just black or white. Except if someone or something pushes me too far. Then all I see is that I’m either ABSOLUTELY right (as in “stubborn”) or COMPLETELY wrong (as in “stupid”).

    Admit it ... Kozzy's adorable!
    Admit it ... Kozzy's adorable!
  6. I have quite a wicked temper. I’ve gotten better over the years … thanks, mostly in part of the incredible patience my Hubby has for me. But push my buttons over and over and OVER again … well, just beware of my wrath.
  7. I apparently give off this vibe that I’m confident and secure with myself. That I’m a smart and quite knowledgeable person. And that I’m arrogant beyond belief. The truth is … most of the time I lack a whole lotta self-confidence and question every decision I make. And I’ve pretty much been like that my whole life.
  8. While I usually take pride in being unique and unusual individual, there are days I secretly wish I was just like everyone else.
  9. I have a difficult time speaking up for myself or doing something that I would want to do for myself. And when I do, I feel guilty … as if I’m being a very selfish person. And finally …
  10. Even though I hate to admit it, my Mom was right. I never should have given up piano lessons in 9th grade. Ten years of lessons, and the only song I can fully complete is “Heart and Soul.”

So there you go … 10 Honest Crap that you’ve always wanted to know about me, if you didn’t already.

Now hmmm … who to pass this award on to? Okay, here goes …

  • Kate: I know how much she loves doing these memes and she always has such awesome content on her blog,
  • Kara: I love her writings (and her, too!) even when the content doesn’t necessarily fit the title to her blog.
  • Pam: My favorite Wordgirl. I just love the way she writes, as if I was in the midst of reading one of those NON-trashy books I’m addicted to. 😛
  • Veriance: She’s one of my HS friend. And well … I’m purely interested in seeing what her *honest* answers are. Also because I have ALWAYS loved reading her stuff … and am looking forward to reading more.
  • Beth: Simply because reading her blog reminds me of being back home in the D.
  • KC: As everything I’ve read on her blog has always been completely raw and honest. And besides … I’m SO excited for her in her new career path!And finally …
  • Shifty Shadow: There are days that I think she writes exactly how I feel. How much more honest can that get?


Thanks again, LoriBeth … and thanks for all you readers out there that put up with my sometimes incessant and grandiose dissertations.

8 Replies to “Puppy Power!!”

  1. Gus was a drip in the dropout bucket, too. He was labeled “incorrigible.” And he is the best dog EVER! He just hates being on a leash. Who can blame him, really.

    Kozzy is adorable.

  2. Pssst.: you guys kicked our asses last night and as a result G has to buy pizzas for everyone in deer camp while wearing a red wings shirt!

    Oh it makes me laugh.

    And your puppy is, of course, adorable.



  3. Beautiful puppy! I love the doggie! I was talking with Tracy about doing another lunch. Would you be interested? ((hugs))

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