The End is Nigh

Never saw a sign like this until Cannon Beach, OR

Wow … I’m writing on the eve of my last daily entry for the month. The end is actually near! Can’t believe I survived yet another month of posting every day … actually, I can’t believe that I signed up to write for another 36 days until Easter Monday.

Eesh. I’m wondering if I have enough “Good Deeds” in me to last that long … As it is, I’m thinking that some of the good deeds I do are rather … lame or trivial. But I suppose doing something is better than nothing.

Today, Hubby & I slept in. Good G*D, it felt good to sleep in. And although I know that this is a luxury that most other people aren’t able to do (read: those with kids), I figure that this is something that I can at least add to the (very short) list of positive things that infertility has given me.

But that was last night‘s item of gratitude. Let’s see … what other thing about infertility can I be grateful for? Well, seeing that Hubby & I spent the afternoon at the grocery store … I guess I can say that I’m grateful that Hubby & I only have to worry about buying groceries for ourselves. Because somedays I’m just amazed how much two weeks of groceries can cost for just two people. Imagine if we had more than our two mouths to feed? As it is … our dollar is stretched tightly these days. Or as one of my co-workers said, “There’s still too much month at the end of our money.”** So yeah … that’s what I’m grateful for today.

Surfing the web tonight regarding the latest catastrophes

Good Deed? That one’s a toughy today. Probably mostly because I’m (if you can’t tell by now) not exactly in the most “giving” mood today. And I suppose if I had to name a “good deed” today, it would be that I withstood listening to a rather awful poetry reading group while at Borders tonight. (Boy, am I snarky today!) Don’t get me wrong, me love me some good cultural and creative vibe … and, if I was being honest, I’d say that a few were pretty good. But … well, yeah. I’ll just leave it at that.

One of the “readings” had to do with the whole “2010 End of the World” deal. Which, given the fact that I just mentioned above that *I* had another “ending” in site, is rather funny. (Babbling, I know. But I’m talking about NaBloPoMo for February.) But as this guy talked about wars and earthquakes, I couldn’t help but think of the most recent events of late.

Like today … the earthquake in Chile. And the Tsunami warnings for Hawaii and all the other Pacific Islands (including the Philippines).  Or even the recent iceberg collision that caused one of them to break off a huge piece into the ocean; which may cause, what some scientists believe, a disruption in the ocean’s circulation and therefore disrupting marine life.

Original 1900's shot of Crowfoot Glacier

Just over five years ago was the major tsunami in India. In 2007, there was the glacial lake (in Chile, of all places) that completely disappeared. Even when we went to the Canadian Rockies two years ago, we saw with our own eyes, how much the Crowfoot Glacier had melted.

Then there was last month’s devastating earthquake in Haiti; of which a team member of mine lost family in that tragedy. And just two weeks ago, an earthquake here. In Chicago.

I’m not a firm believer in the whole 2012 theory that the end of the world will be on December 21st of that year. However … I do think that something will happen that will cause the world’s population to change in some way. Whatever that “thing” is … it will probably require a major paradigm shift in the way that the world operates today.

A shot of the same Glacier (by yours truly) in 2008. Notice the bottom "claw" has melted away?

Because seriously … at the rate that these devastating events are coming***, I just might have to expect swarms of locusts followed by the Four Horsemen.

Okay, depressing post done with for the day. Let’s hope for a better one tomorrow.


** Sadly, it’s the end of the month (a short one, at that) and POOF! All that money’s gone. <sigh>

*** Anybody else notice how more and more frequently these “natural” disasters are coming at us?!

2 Replies to “The End is Nigh”

  1. I finally figured out how to leave a comment!

    Nothing specific. It’s just that I love your blog. It’s like the New Yorker except not at all pretentious!

  2. I never saw a sign like that before until *I* visited Cannon Beach either! And I meant to get a photo of it, but didn’t!

    I’ve been to Banff & visited the Columbia Icefields in 1968, 1975 & 1985, when dh & I were there on our honeymoon. They had signs posted along the road marking where the glacier had been in certain years — and from the 1890s until then, you had to drive a good mile, it had receded so much. I had dh take my picture standing behind the signs for 1965 & 1975, & you could see how far back it was in the background. I imagine it’s receded even more in the 25 years since then.

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