Love Actually

I’m in the midst of finally catching up on much blog reading, after having called in sick yesterday. That cold turned out to be another bout of bronchitis, methinks. I’m actually down to some 20 more posts I need to read (most of which are yours, Pam … sorry! I just thoroughly enjoy reading your posts leisurely, as they are so poignant and beautiful).

And as Hubby (who coincidentally was working at home yesterday) and I flipped through the channels last night, we stumbled on the movie “Love Actually.”

Perfect, both of us thought. As coincidentally we had talked about when we should watch that movie this year. It’s been a yearly tradition for us to watch it around the holidays, as it’s listed as one of my most favorite movies of all time.

I love that it’s a myriad of different love stories that are weaved together, almost seemingly. And that it isn’t just the typical romance love story centered around the holidays. It’s certainly is a story about love during the holidays … but a variety of different loves. From unrequited love, to love lost, to love despite language barriers, to the love of friends and family.

The reason I love to watch this movie around the holidays is not only because it manages to get the childless infertile me into the holiday spirit, but it manages to remind me about what love is supposed to be about.

Not the romanticized version of it … not the one where a person wakes up and suddenly realizes that they can’t live without the other. Or the one where the two stars … despite the all that happens throughout the movie … finally get together in the end.

The love that this movie reminds me about is the every day kind of love. The love that endures the hardship and pain. The love that survives despite the every day things. And the not so every day things.

And for me, this movie reminds me about the kind of love that can survive infertility.

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  1. Oh! H and I have a yearly tradition of watching Love Actually at christmas time, too! And it is very much one of my favorite movies for the same reasons you listed. And yes, last night as I was flipping channels, I saw that Love Actually was coming on, and I called to H from the other room and made him come in and watch it with me. And the TV editing was surprisingly good, though now I have to watch the DVD again because I really missed all the f*cks and sh*ts and w*nkers, etc.

  2. Another really good “love” movie is “Fireproof”. It’s in the theatres right now. Excellent!

  3. DH and I enjoy this movie. Though, he had to point out to me that the joining thread for all the love stories was a certain “angel of love” played by one Rowan Atkinson in a bit role. He shows up in some capacity in each love affair.

  4. Also one of my favorite movies ever …my husband and I watched it the other night as well … it is just so …imperfectly perfect.

  5. LOVE that you have a post about this movie!! It is one of my absolute favorites as well!! An ex friend borrowed it and didn’t return it after our falling out. We had to re-buy it! haha. I like it for all the reasons you posted and more.

    Our holiday movie viewing list always includes this, Elf, White Christmas, the TV cartoon ones and A Christmas Carol.

    We both love It’s a Wonderful Life, but it’s just soooooo long. I also get pretty bored in the middle. I know that’s probably heresy, but I gotta be honest. 😉

  6. This is one of my favorites as well. Hubs is NOT a romantic comedy-type but even he watched this with me. Thanks for posting about it…. I think I’ll try to watch my DVD this weekend 🙂

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