How I Spent Mother’s Day

In years past, Mother’s Day would have been a difficult day. Yesterday was less difficult than the previous years; less traumatic.

I contribute it to the fact that Hubby & I weren’t physically “in town” to celebrate Mother’s Day with our respective Moms and his sister. Not that I didn’t like going out, typically for brunch, every second Sunday in May … it’s just that the day has always been a painful reminder of what I’ve never achieved in life.

I mean seriously; even at Mass. Any Catholic Church I had ever gone to on Mother’s Day always always always have all the mothers and pregnant woman stand up before the closing prayer to pray over them. And every year, I would glance around the church to see which women remained seated like me.

Don’t get me wrong … such a prayer is much deserved for all the under-appreciated hard work and unconditional love that a Mom provides to their children. But for every year that I was not “included” in these prayers, the less I felt “connected” to those women who would stand proudly as they received these blessing. The less I felt as if I were a part of that “sisterhood.”

Hubby, the "Cat Burglar"

The less I felt blessed amongst other women.

This year, Hubby & I spent Mother’s Day in Chicago; opting to call both sets of Moms and wish them the Happiest of Mother’s Days. And afterward, settled down on our couch to watch a marathon of movies on TV, starting with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”** and ending with “Sweet Home Alabama.”

And this year, instead of getting all weepy over the twenty zillion Mother’s Day commercials that ran during the TV breaks, Hubby & I would have fun poking at the sometimes fake sentiment that these ads would portray.

This year, as Hubby & I sat on our couch, feeling completely unmotivated to do much but cook meals and take our puppy-girl on an extended walk to the beach, I felt completely blessed .

Because although I remain separated from the ever-elusive “Mommy” Sisterhood … I know I’m blessed with an incredible Husband and parents/siblings, as well as 3 four-legged creatures that look to me as their Mom.

So yeah … that’s my small victory for the day. I turned my Mother’s Day Frown upside down. (Pretty positive for a currently unemployed person, eh?)

Me, surrounded with two of my three furbabies

** LOVE that film. And check out what star, Nia Vardalos, says about her experiences as an infertile on Mother’s Day.

Hubby with Rain (Yami's on the window sill and Kozzy's on her rug next to Hubby)

6 Replies to “How I Spent Mother’s Day”

  1. Yay! So happy you had a pretty good day yesterday! And BTW, thanks for your advice on my blog! I promise I will walk more! 🙂 Just in smaller doses I think!

    Loved the picture of you with your furbabies! Seeing you cuddled up with them makes me miss mine even more! I wont get back to see them until Saturday…sniff, sniff!

  2. So glad you had a great day!

    I saw that article by Nia V. earlier. I LOVED MBFGW. She is from my home province of Manitoba! : )

  3. Thanks for the advice, Em. My counselor says the same thing to me about breathing. I did remember to take slow breaths yestereday. I so wish I would have been able to do what you and your hubs did yesterday. But being the only child/daughter of a single mother…there is no way that would have happened.

    We had a great morning together. We went out to breakfast, just the two of us. It was perfect.

  4. So glad you had an enjoyable Mother’s Day this year. You are a fabulous furbaby mama! Those animals are very lucky to have you as their mama.

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