July had been a pretty busy month; and now, here we are in August and I feel as if I haven’t accomplished much lately. And when I mean “accomplish,” I mean sitting down and feeling satisfied that I’ve produced something that would be worth writing about … let alone have others read.

Lego Boy and DS Boy (with their parents) on their first El ride
Lego Boy and DS Boy (with their parents) on their first El ride

I’ve started many a posts over the past couple of weeks; all in an attempt to at least write. Except they never made it past the first few paragraphs because … well, I’ve been just plain exhausted.

Oh, who the h*ll am I kidding?! I’ve got major writer’s block and I’m not sure how to solve it other than rambling endlessly of seemingly trivial things.

Like how for Hubby’s birthday on the 19th, we got new iPhones. (So. Frickin. Cool!!)

Or how work had sucked royally from the end of June until about midway through July (when my manager took a two week vacation).

Or even how excited I was to meet Alexa and Mel. And Aunt Becky and Io. (BlogHer Chicago, bay-beh!)

The Mysterious Io and Aunt Becky
The Mysterious Io and Aunt Becky

Or how much frickin’ fun Hubby and I had when his Aunt and Uncle along with three of his younger cousins (which included future “Lego Engineer“) came to visit. (Wii Rockband + Lake Michigan Beach = Tons o’ Fun)

Nope. Got nothin’ in this brain of mine that I’ve felt have been in depth or insightful. Not that I haven’t had those thoughts … I just can’t seem to get them down on paper — er, on my laptop.

At the very least, I wanted to share some pictures from my meet-up with some awesome bloggie friends from Blogher Chicago. (Un)fortunately, I didn’t get a chance to actually attend the conference. But seeing that it was literally being held across the Chicago River (just one short jaunt across the Columbus Drive bridge) from where I work, I had to at least try to meet up with these women who have provided me with such incredible emotional support over the past three years.

The "Stirrups Queen" herself (with the Tiara) along with me, Io and Aunt Becky (left to right)
The "Stirrups Queen" herself (with the Tiara), Mel along with me, Io and Aunt Becky (left to right)

Unfortunately, as Hubby’s been slammed with work lately, he was not able to Photoshop us into Super-Hot Uber babes. (Sorry, chicas … but we’re all beautiful anyway!)

Io with Mel's Book. And a Bobble-head Robert Osbourne.
Io with Mel's Book. And a Bobble-head Robert Osbourne.

Anyhoo … I just wanted to, at the very least, refresh my blog for now. Well, at least until inspiration strikes, anyway.

Oh, and to wish the wonderful Io a most excellent birthday. Here’s hoping you get to spend more time with A. instead of Robert Osbourne.

But seriously peeps … anyone got any good cures for Writer’s Block?

6 Replies to “Block-Head”

  1. Oh my god, where the heck did July go?! And why am I pressing my finger into my eyebrow in the first picture?
    So many questions. But we are totally hot babes even without the photoshop from your adorable hubby.

  2. I say Io should spend time with A AND Robert. I loved that I got to see you again at night. Lunch was too damn short.

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