Westward Wind

Well, I was right. Today’s small victory was that I made it out of bed today … especially since we didn’t get home from our midnight screening of Iron Man 2 until about 3 am this morning.

Oh wait … I said that I’d be out of bed this morning at a decent hour. Yeah. That didn’t happen until … well, let’s just say it was after noon.

Although, I do admit that Hubby & I took turns trying to calm our dog Kozzy down from all the horrible lightning and thunder that started after we got home from the movies. Our poor girl … she totally hates thunderstorms; and this morning’s storm was a wicked one.

This commercial makes me crack up. Every. Time!

So yeah, that’s my excuse for climbing back into bed at 9 am and staying in there with Hubby until well past noon.

Let’s see … real accomplishments. Hmm … started to follow Ferris Bueller on Twitter? Managed to eat an entire bowl of fettuccini alfredo? Cashed in a coupon for a free beverage at the Border’s Cafe?

Okay … seriously. My real victory today was finally realizing that I could look for jobs in whatever city Hubby & I would like to live. I mean realistically I knew this, but to actually put it into action and start applying outside of Chicago or Michigan? Yeah … that only started today.

Where are we looking at? Well our dream has always been to live in Hawaii … but even *I* know that’s not feasible at the moment. (Plus, there weren’t many RN Case Manager jobs out there. I should know; I checked!) But we’ve also had the dream of moving out to the West Coast. Seattle or Portland, to be specific.

Probably more Portland, if I was being honest. After all, moving to a big city like Chicago where I’ve been exposed to a handful of … ahem … back-stabbing, career-driven people, I’m finding myself a little more hesitant to move to another big(ger) city like Seattle.** And Portland just seems to be more “our pace” and our lifestyle. So yeah … living in the “Rose City” (or in its vicinity) would be right up our alley.

So imagine my surprise when I found a few jobs out that way that would fit my current career path. So I’ve now gone about and applied for them.

Who knows what will become of those applications, but at least I can say that I’ve tried. And if nothing ever does come out of it; well then maybe moving out west isn’t what’s in our cards at the moment.

But we will make it out west one day. We will follow that proverbial “Yellow Brick Road” out to Portland or the “Emerald City.” Because that’s our dream … our goal. And it’s always good to have a goal in mind, right?

Yep; trying to remain positive amidst all of this chaos.


** Perhaps this is just reflective of my ‘tude at the moment after being “burned” by this place … Otherwise, I know that I love this city.

6 Replies to “Westward Wind”

  1. I have a cousin that lives in Portland (she used to live in MI.) She LOVES it there! I think she’s been there a little over 2 years now. She loves how everything is easy to get to and the city is very ‘green.’ She’s really happy there. Hope you are able to find something there or someplace else similar!

  2. I think it is great you are expanding your search!! I have always dreamed of moving to some other cool place and I think that it would take circumstances just like those you’ve encountered to give me the courage to do it! So I say go for it! You got to experience Chicago for a time, now why not somewhere else equally as cool! And BTW, Portland is one place Mike and I have been really wanting to visit for some time now!

  3. I just wanted to say I am sorry about your job as I have been behind on my blog reading. It is great to see you positive, and I admire moving westward.

  4. Good for you Em! I am so happy that you are finding something positive out
    of this, and are going for your dream! I know that you WILL find something
    better, both you and el hub 🙂

  5. Wow!! I really hope you find the job of your dreams in the location of your dreams! What a great feeling, to have an open path in front of you. I’ve never been to the northwest, but I have several friends who have found themselves very happy out there.

    Oh, and those commercials crack me up every time I see them. Too funny!

  6. I’ve always wanted to visit Portland, sounds gorgeous. Also what about San Diego (other than the expensiveness of it)? I keep telling Tarzan that I would move to SD in a minute – love, love, love it out there. Good luck Em I know you’ll make an adventure out of wherever you go next! I’m so excited for you both!!

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