Blockbuster Night

Oh, don’t let the title of this post fool you. It’s not as if I have anything spectacular lined up for me tonight.

If you want to know the truth, I’m sitting her on our couch, watching one of five Blu-Ray discs we’ve rented from the local Blockbuster. And, if I can stay awake long enough, I’m looking forward to watching at least two of these discs tonight. If not … well, at least Hubby & I have Saturday and Sunday to watch them.

It’s been a mentally exhausting kind of day for me. Being “off the floor” and in that leadership class yesterday had me catching up on lots of emails and “issues” that occurred while I was gone. And, in particular, one rather large issue that has been ongoing had me dealing with gastric reflux since Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, that’s a story for another day. Because right now, all I want to do is finish this post and snuggle with Hubby while watching some blockbuster movies!


Before I get to my Lenten duties … I just want to wish my nephew, Tyler, an incredible birthday. I still can’t believe he’s fourteen!!

Early 90's pic of (future) Hubby & I at the old Herschel's Deli and Bakery in Troy, MI. Sigh ... I miss Herschel's

Lenten Gratitude of the Day: I am so thankful for Friday nights. They’re full of possibilities for the weekend. In my young adolescent years, it may have been staying up late and watching Love Boat and Fantasy Island with my parents. In high school, it may have been a variety of evening outings to Denny’s or Herschel’s. In those college years, it may be heading out to City Club to soak up some late night goth/industrial music. Now? Well, obviously it’s spent doing more low key things; like going to the movies or renting them … unless, of course, we’re heading back to Detroit for the weekend. And quite frankly, I’m quite okay with it.

Lenten Nicety of the Day: Let’s see … I spent a lot of time today fixing “things” for my staff; stuff that should have been taken care of from a higher level of management. But again … this is something for another post. But rather than rehash it now … I’ll just let you know that this was my good deed. And you’ll have to trust me on that. <sigh>

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  1. I hope you had some great shows on those DVDs! I really, really enjoy the gluttony of watching an entire season of some show in essentially one sitting… lots of chips and salsa and a kitty on my lap. Ahhh…

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