Show and Tell: Yami's Holiday

So I decided that in order for me to post regularly, I should probably join an activity amongst our IF / Loss community. I made the attempt earlier this year to join the predecessor for IComLeavWe, but failed at it miserably. Trust me, it’s not from lack of trying, it was more because working 10-hour days with nary-a-break (other than to nibble on lunch) leaves me incredibly exhausted with little brain-power to do much else.

Which brings me to this post. I have decided to join the Show and Tell weekly thread, a week-to-week commitment where each participant brings something fun to share. Yes, it sound like fun and it does sound just like kindergarten!

Anyway, for my first week I decided to share pictures of my cat, Yami. Now, I bet you’re wondering why the title of this post says “Yami’s Holiday.” Well, it’s because our kitty is a black cat and this coming Friday is Halloween … the day for black cats to rule! 🙂

Seriously. Check out how MEAN she looks?!

Actually, Yami (pronounced “Yah-mee”) is the most adorably precocious cat we’ve ever had. And, no … she’s not intentionally bearing her teeth at us. I just happened to snap a picture of her at the end of a yawn. This is how she normally looks like.

Ain’t she adorable?! Well, that ain’t the most adorable picture I’ve taken of her. That one happens to be this one.

Yup, I managed to catch the normally hyperactive kitty , who hates to be held, snuggling next to one of my stuffed animals. Busted!

And actually, she does love to snuggle … it just has to be on her terms (of course).

We acquired Yami from our SIL about four years ago, when she moved into a new apartment and wasn’t allowed to take more than one cat. Her name means “The Chosen One” in some variation of Japanese lore. Quite appropriate, as she seems to think she rules the household.

Did I mention that she was smart?! Yes, this girl has managed to open doors and get herself locked into bedrooms she’s not allowed to be in. And some days, I wonder what kind of trouble she gets into when we’re not home. Seriously, do you think she might be posting stuff on my blog?

Oh, but Hubby & I love her so much. Our lives would be so much boring without her in it. So Yami, if you happen to be “googling” yourself … I hope you know that you are my most favorite indoor indoor black kitty ever! Not to be confused with my most favorite indoor kitty … that title is reserved for your sister, Rain!

BUSTED again!!

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12 Replies to “Show and Tell: Yami's Holiday”

  1. I love that it’s the black cat’s holiday. It’s so true. If pumpkins get to be the icon for Thanksgiving, then black cats get Halloween.

  2. Ha! I love that first picture. And the one with the computer. Must be related to my Thomas, who likes to work on my laptop.

  3. Yep, she sounds just like my Simon to me. Sounds like a Burmese kitty through and through. Thanks for sharing and I love the pictures!!

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