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Yes, this is one of those really quick posts. So I’m probably cheating on this whole “Post-A-Day” thingy. But I don’t care.

(Because … shh … I’ll probably put up tomorrow’s post much earlier than the usual!)

I’m excited for “Must See TV” tonite. Because tonite … Dr. Greene comes back to ER. Woo-hoo!

Yeah, I know I’m cheesy like that. Truth be told, I haven’t watched ER consistently in years. I personally think that once Anthony Edwards left the show, it just wasn’t as good as in the beginning.

I have fond memories of the first few years of ER. First of all, it’s inaugural season started the same year that I graduated from nursing school. So watching a show that was seriously all that “and a bag of chips” as a medical drama was seriously cool. And second … well, I’ve always had a crush on Ge.orge Cloo.ney since he was on “Facts of Life.” And third, it was written and produced by author Michael Crich.ton (RIP 🙁 ).

The show was SO good, that it was always THE topic at work the next day. And it was none of those silly sensationalized storylines that we see now on other medical shows (ahem … Grey’s). They were actually pretty accurate and the dialog was spot on.

Original Cast

Not that it’s no longer like that now … because it still is … but there’s just something about the original characters that made the show. And once they were all gone, the magic kinda left as well.

So that’s why I’m excited to see the “return” of one of the older characters tonite. And because this is the last season of ER, I hear there are supposed to be more “guest stars” throughout the season; culminating in a BIG (as in HUGE) series finale … with all the originals, including George and Julianne Marguiles. At least that’s what I’m hoping (and praying) for.

Okay, that’s it. 40 minutes to go. So I’m outta here!

2 Replies to “Must See TV”

  1. Heh. Al’s cousin was on the show for while. (Dr. Galla.nt) I haven’t really kept up with it and have no idea about any of the latest plotline. Hope the episode tonight is good!

  2. HOLY CRAP – Io knows DR. Gallant IRL. She is even cooler than before ( and that was pretty cool).

    Another huge ER fan here and I loved the first year or two. Also have mad crush on Clooney and love him as Danny Ocean.

    I didnt get a chance to watch it, was it good?

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