Cat Outta Here!!

Well … apparently, abstaining from all those lemon poppyseed muffins for three months was a good thing. Because YAY! I passed my pre-employment drug screen.

As if there was any doubt … well, except maybe for the other prescription meds I’ve been on (good thing I didn’t need that letter). And okay, those two Cokes I had last night … (tee-hee!)

I haven’t told any of my co-workers (except for the three I trust the most) that I’m leaving. And that’s mainly because I wanted to make sure I passed the drug test and the background investigation. Apparently, I should be hearing sometime next week that all is okay. So chances are, the big news will be revealed within the next two weeks.

Late Monday, my supervisor asked me if she could fill our manager in on my impending leave. She was the only leadership person I told, because I fully expected that she’d be getting a call to confirm my employment and ask how I am as one of her direct reports. I just didn’t want her to be blindsided when that phone call came.

Anyhoo … the reason my supervisor asked for my permission is because they wanted to try to get the “OK” from the higher powers that be to fill my position a soon as possible. I told her that it was okay to do so and pushed the thought to the back of my head.

So yesterday, as I’m working furiously at my desk … I suddenly feel this presence over me. And the thing is … I knew who it was before I even turned around. And sure enough, as I swiveled my chair counterclockwise, I’m suddenly facing the VP of our department. The same VP that I have been working closely with on this Process Improvement Workgroup. The same one who asked me personally to reconsider the decision I made to not be part of the workgroup for the second phase.

As I looked up at her face, I saw this very … concerned (for lack of better word) look on her face. And I knew at the moment that the cat was let out of the bag.

Since I didn’t want anyone around us to hear the inevitable conversation, I dragged her into one of the small conference rooms on our floor. As we sat down, she told me that she received an interesting email from my manager about my impending resignation. She wanted to know if it were indeed true … and if the reason I was leaving was because of this job and, in particular, the stress that I had endured while being part of this Process Improvement Workgroup.

So I told her the story. About how this job opportunity came out of the blue. And how it was the perfect time and the right set of circumstances in our lives to make these changes that Hubby & I have been longing to do. And how as the events started to unfold right into our laps, it appeared that this was the natural direction our life would take us on.

And I also told her that no, I wasn’t leaving this company because of the stressor of my current responsibilities. How, if anything I would love to see the things I’ve implemented on this workgroup progress forward. But how could I not follow my instincts? How could I not take this shot at a new path in life?

And my VP was very understanding; expressed happiness for Hubby & me. And she graciously wished us the best of success in my new position.

So there you have it … one of the bigger cats are out of the bag now. All is left is to confirm that I am, indeed a good upstanding citizen. Which, I supposed could be harder then we both might think …

5 Replies to “Cat Outta Here!!”

  1. Best of luck in the job change!

    Thanks for your recent comment on my post. I found it very helpful, and can see that DH and I headed in that direction…it’s hard for me – I’m such a talker and want things defined, verbally, with time frames. This, perhaps, will be a good exercise in just letting things play out as they should rather than trying to be so darn controlling. Thanks again.

  2. Uh oh, do you think they’ll find that long criminal record you left behind in Canada?
    hehehe…I’m glad the VP understood.

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