Needing Some Cheese with my Whine …

Today I’m overwhelmed with baby and pregnancy news at work.

First thing I heard when I came in this morning is that one of my co-worker’s daughter had gone into labor last night. And just now, I overheard the conversation that another coworker had with her in which she was calling to tell us that her first grandbaby finally made her entrance into the world. Apparently they could hear the “new baby cries” in the background. To hear the excitement in this coworker’s voice describing her first grandchild was incredible enough as this particular gal is not readily excitable.

And then, as I’m doing clinical reviews for my assigned hospital I get one review that talks about a twenty two year old who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and completely overwhelmed by how much “morning sickness” she’s been encountering. So overwhelmed where it’s to the point that she was considering ending her pregnancy. And well … I’m sure it’s because she’s young(er) and completely unaware of what her actions (meaning the comments that she made) might portray her as insensitive or callous … but still. It just made me very very angry.

And I’m sure these feelings are a direct result of my most recent doctor’s appointment. But still … can’t I catch a break?

Okay, I’ll quit whining and get back to work.

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  1. I know that no amount of soothing words could bring you the same comfort of being a mother, but know that that I’m here for you. :*

  2. If she is considering terminating because of morning sickness…then she should not be permitted to have sex.

    I mean…really…. *sigh*

  3. Seriously? Because of morning sickness? Ug.
    One of the good things about my job is that I really don’t work with any other women, so babies are not a huge topic of conversation and nobody is running around obnoxiously pregnant. It’s bad enough with friends – I can’t imagine having to hear about that stuff at work too. 🙁 Whine away.

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