It's All About ME (and K, too)

Amazing … this is two posts in a short span of time. And when I mean short “span” I do mean that literally, this post and the last were written within an hour of each other. Despite the fact that they show two different dates.

img_61171Yeah. I should be sleeping, as it’s past midnight. But instead I’m still slightly wide awake. Hubby and I have been video-chatting … and it’s been nice to just see his face (even if it IS of him just watching TV) just to feel as if we’re close to one another. I swear … the wonders of modern technology!

Anyhoo … tonite I got to spend the evening with one of my favorite high school buddies, K. She’s the pal who directed me to where I should look for places to live in the big city … and when I did find the place where I’m at now, we realized that we lived only a block and a half away from one another. She’s also the one who, one evening, I had more than an hour long conversation via Sk.ype … and we both thought how ridiculous it was since we could be over each others’ place in only a few minutes. But hey … there was something about video chatting while in our pajamas that made it feel like a “sleep over.” Minus the bowl of popcorn, sleeping bags and scary movies, that is.

img_6119While over her place, I got to spend time with her beautiful daughter. “ME” … as K’s dad has nicknamed her … is such a cutie! And she’s grown so much in just the past two months since I first met her. Really … she went from barely starting to crawl to standing upright and walking around the table (grabbing it by the edge, of course) in just that small window of time.

But oh … does she have an adorable personality. ME, that is. I mean K has a great personality, too … but seeing as if we picked up right where we left off some 12 years prior … getting to know little ME even more was just so much fun. I can’t wait to see how much more that personality developes the older she gets.

Well, seeing as my eyes are starting to droop … I guess I should wrap this tiny post up. I just wanted to share some pictures of ME so that K can snap a few of them up and perhaps put it on her bloggie. Because … well, who wouldn’t want to share these adorable pictures?! Oh … and maybe so K’s dad would stop pestering her to add more pics to the blog. (Grampa just loves his little ME!).


YAWN … okay. Good night. Oh and thanks, K for such a wonderful evening!

5 Replies to “It's All About ME (and K, too)”

  1. What a cutie!
    Your video chatting makes me think or when I was a teenager and would spend hours on the phone with my best friend David. Half the time we wouldn’t be talking, we’d just be sitting there as we each watched tv or something. Since neither of us had cars, it was how we hung out!

  2. I *know*! That’s what made “hanging” out with K over the video chat in our PJ’s so awesome! It would totally have been something we did back in high school!

    Geez … “kids” have it easier these days, says the old hag as she types …

  3. haha! love it–and next time, maybe we should add the popcorn and jammies?
    E loved your visit, as did I! Glad you didn’t have any crazy alley trips on the way home. 🙂 xo

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