Hubby & I went to the movies a couple weeks ago and while Hubby was at the concession stand (getting me a a frozen Coke … mmm!), I sat in the theater watching the trailers. That’s when I saw the trailer for this movie.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this movie just yet. Don’t get me wrong … I absolutely LOVE Tina Fey, but here’s another movie about infertility that may just hit a little too close to home. Especially because it’s a comedy. And although there are some pretty darn funny things to laugh about while traveling through this IF journey, there is still quite a bit of heartache and sadness. And watching a movie that could potentially poke fun at the whole situation might not be a good thing.

But … I also was hesitant to see Juno as well and ended up loving it. So, I guess I might just have to check out this movie once it hits the theater.

I’m curious though … what’s your opinion? Would you go see it? Are you offended by the content of this film? Or do you find it hilarious? And furthermore … do you think this portrays Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) in a good or a bad way?