Guess what stupid thing Emily did yesterday?

Did she get a chance to see this famous river dyed green for St. Patty’s Day?


No. Did she get to take Hubby to Chinatown to eat some delish Dim Sum that we’ve been craving since the beginning of the year?


No. Did she get to enjoy the beautiful drive down this scenic highway on a gorgeous sunny day?


No. Instead, Emily decided to lose her wallet. Which meant that Emily spent the afternoon calling every credit card company and her bank to replace her missing cards. Oh, and calling the credit bureau to file a report to notify us of any possible fraud.

And of course, since Emily lost her wallet, she lost her only piece of ID she has besides her passport and her work ID badge. Which means she no longer has a driver’s license. Except that really doesn’t matter since she hasn’t driven a car in quite a while. But still …

So needless to say, Emily is a little lost. And she’s feeling a little foolish as well.

Silly, stupid and lost Emily …

But on a much cuter and adorable note, Hubby sent this picture to me this evening. Apparently, our Doggie hotel recently got a new groomer. So when Hubby picked up our Kozzy Girl after her weekend mini-vaca … it appears she got some fashion lessons as well.


Oh, how I miss my Kozzy …


And even though I know I’ll reflect on this some more tomorrow
(which is the actual date)…

Happy 2nd Blogiversary to me!