My “Least” Favorite Song

Day Two – My “Least” Favorite Song:

I actually had a hard time trying find a least favorite song. I think it’s because I inherently believe all songs have redeeming qualities.

(Huh. Come to think of it … I think anything or anyone in the world has some redeeming qualities. You just have to look for it … )

Take Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” … This is that song and video that went viral on the internet after critics and viewers on “the webs” claimed that it was the worst song ever written. So yes … I was one of those fools that clicked on Rebecca’s video and watched in horror as the song played out. And I confess that I thought that it was a pretty bad song.

But like I said, I think that everything has some sort of redeeming quality; this song included.

Obviously the producers of “Glee” thought so as well. Otherwise they wouldn’t have covered the song during the prom episode this year. When I heard “Friday” being performed in the episode, I was completely blown away on how catchy the song was. And yes, I absolutely loved it.

So there you go. A “former” least favorite song turns into a likeable song. If you want to listen to the original version of the song, click on this link. Otherwise, enjoy the “Glee” version of the song posted below.


What is with this 30-day song challenge?

What was yesterday‘s song?

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