No "Boo-ey" Fan

Okay, let’s get one thing straight. I’m absolutely bummed that Michigan lost to Appalachian State, 34 to 32. I’m really sad that this loss has ruined their chance to get a National Championship this year. But I am NOT giving up on my “boys.”

I mean, just because the Wolverines don’t have a prayer in winning the National Title this year does not mean their season is over or a total loss. What about the Rose Bowl? What about the Big Ten title?

Hubby & I were at that game and knew, as we were watching it, that the defense wasn’t ready and that Chad Henne was having a pretty bad game. But we’re not so much angry than we are more disappointed at Lloyd Carr and the rest of the team. Did the team think this was just going to be a “blow-off” game since Appalachian State wasn’t even in the same division? I would have thought that Carr would be more proactive in enforcing that this game was to be treated like any other game; whether they were playing against a Big Ten team or not.

The next morning, Hubby and I were discussing the game. He made a comment to me that he was not a “boo-ey” fan. I immediately said to him, “Neither am I. I’m not like some of those other fairweather fans that swing back and forth, much like a ‘buoy’ does with the sway of the tides.” Hubby laughed and said, “I really meant a ‘boo-ey’ fan … you know, a fan who just boo’s the team when they’re not doing good.” Talk about taking a more symbolic approach to it!

Regardless, Hubby and I are neither “boo-ey” nor “buoy” fans. The Michigan Wolverines will always (and forever more) be our team regardless of if they win or lose. GO BLUE!

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