Plum Tuckered Out

Ugh. This is the third to the last post before I finish up my Lenten promise. And I must say that I’m struggling to find the energy to write something rather creative.

Maybe I’m just exhausted today. After all, Hubby & I spent most of the day doing some major Spring cleaning. Afterwards, we headed out to run some errands and then grab a bite to eat before heading home. And now, Hubby & I are chilling out in front of the TV watching all those shows we DVR’ed over the past week.

Yesterday I got my lab test results back from my doctor. Other than being slightly anemic, everything else was normal. Even my thyroid levels. So that means that I am a lazy a$$ person who would rather do nothing more than work and sleep. And other than taking some over-the-counter iron supplements, I was told that the combination of my low Hgb level and my lack of ability to stay asleep was the reason for my chronic fatigue.

To which I say “Hmmph!”

Okay, so it’s not that I don’t doubt my Doc. It’s more that after all the years of dealing with infertility and needing to be able to “read” my body that I know something’s just not right here. I know that this ongoing fatigue is more than just anxiety and stress. I know it’s more than just the fact that I find myself tired even when I wake up after what I felt was a good night’s sleep.

For awhile I thought it was seasonal affective disorder. And I even thought that it was that same depression I felt for so long during the worst part of my infertility journey. But because I’m still on the appropriate treatment regimen for that, I’m pretty sure that this is not the case.

So I decided to do the next best thing; go see a specialist. After a couple of recommendations from both friends and fellow coworkers, I have a few Endocrinologist names in which to make an appointment with. I figure it’s worth a shot to do a little more exploration …


Getting down to the wire here …

Good Deed of the Day: Does spending a couple minutes talking to a strange guy at the grocery store count? Even if it was really him doing all the talking about how cool he liked my “Made In Detroit” jacket?

Grateful Thought of the Day: Does being asked for ID when purchasing alcohol at the grocery store count as something I should be thankful for? Especially when I left said ID in the car? I had to convince the cashier that Hubby & I were married and that it was him (Hubby, who was bagging our own groceries) that was buying it. Either way, the cashier made me feel young; even if it was just for a moment.

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  1. Yeah I think your good deed of the day counts, haha.

    If you need a sleep specialist doctor, I know one in Chicago. It’s my friend’s wife. I actually went to high school with the husband (who is also a doctor) and the wife (then husband). Haha I even went to the husband’s senior prom. They are great people.

  2. I *love* getting carded! It cracks me up!!

    Like you, I don’t have any noticeable deficiencies that lead to exhaustion, so I really do wonder sometimes about what might lead to this condition that they haven’t been able to determine yet. I think an endocrinologist is a great idea. As for myself, I think a lot about chronic fatigue syndrome and whether or not that might be in play with me. Of course, since there’s no real super-effective treatment for CFS (hey, I just noticed that CFS could also stand for one of my favorite comfort foods, Chicken Fried Steak! Mmm.), I don’t know what point it would serve to be diagnosed with that syndrome, but still. I would really like to know of a reason why I’m so damn tired all the time…

    Here’s hoping Spring brings with it a burst of energy (for both of us!!!).

  3. Have them check your B12 and see if you’re deficient. My SIL had similar symptoms- (extreme fatigue, very sleepy, etc.) and it turned out that she was deficient in vitamin B12. She now has to take b12 injections, but feels a ton better. Just a thought…

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