A Song I Used To Hate

Day Sixteen – A Song I Used To Hate:

Okay, so based on the “rules” of the 30 Day Song Challenge, today should have been a song that I used love but now hate. But like I said in this previous post, I can’t see myself truly hating a song.

In fact, the song I chose did initially fall into the “used to like it, but now don’t” category.

When I first heard “Need You Now” I actually was reminded of Fleetwood Mac. Maybe it’s the piano. Or maybe it’s the soft reverb on the guitar. Either way, I truly did love the song.

Until it got overplayed. And overplayed. And I got sick of hearing it every where … including while waiting to board the cruise ship for our Alaskan Adventure last year.

Seriously. You know the song is overplayed when you’ve heard a grandmother sing “I’m all alone and I need you now” to her young grand-daughter.

It’s taken awhile since the song had been taken off “heavy rotation” in Radio-Land for me to enjoy the song again. I still love the piano, and I still love the soft guitar reverb. But I think what I like the best about this song is the beautiful harmonies. It reminds me so much of Fleetwood Mac …


What is with this 30-day song challenge?

What was yesterday‘s song?

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