A Song I Hear Often On The Radio

Day Seventeen – A Song I Hear Often On The Radio:

Since getting XM/Sirius Radio in our new car, I have been listening more and more to radio. That’s something to be said, given that the “regular” radiowaves have pretty much been taken over by a major media conglomerate that will remain nameless.

In fact, I hold that particular company responsible for the death of radio as I knew it, growing up in the 80’s. (Hmmm … methinks I musta watched “Pump Up The Volume” way too many times in the early 90’s.)

Now with satellite radio, I feel like I’ve got a piece of that “old school” radio feel back: music played because it’s what the listeners would like to hear … not because a particular artist’s PR firm had bought “air time.” And DJs who actually knew about the music and would share tidbits about the band or the artist with their listeners. Not to mention no annoying car sales ads or ads about “beauty truly being skin deep” so that it entices you to get liposuction or something.

Anyway, there’s a particular radio wave that I love to listen to when we’re in the car. 1st Wave plays all those Classic Alternative and New Wave songs that I remember enjoying so much during the 80’s. In fact, the ads for their station would always be something like, “If you ever dressed up like Siouxsie or Robert Smith for Halloween, then this is the station for you.”

Okay, so I never dressed up like them for Halloween … but I did pretend to spike my hair like them.

Speaking of Robert Smith … here’s a song that I often hear both on 1st Wave and on the “regular” radiowaves. This has got to be my favorite Cure song of all times …


What is with this 30-day song challenge?

What was yesterday‘s song?

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