My Darling Husband,

Words alone cannot describe how incredibly lucky I am. Despite what my actions and/or facial expressions might sometimes portray, I am genuinely happy whenever I’m with you.

You alone, can see who I truly am. You are the one person who knows me inside out. You’ve seen my good days and my bad. You’ve seen my worse days … and you still stand proudly next to me.

For that, and for many other reasons that I can’t write in one simple post … I am truly blessed to have you as my best friend, my husband … my soulmate.

Happy 12th Anniversary to you, Hubby … the love of my life


“Bring on the Comets”

Our Wedding Day ~ August 31, 1996

Our Wedding Day ~ August 31, 1996

Suddenly, we were left
Without the worry of tomorrow
And comets fell from the sky
I took your breath
You took my sorrow

You walked sad in a dream
But count your days boy,
they are fading
You set a fire in my heart
One chance in a lifetime
was worth the waiting

The Ringmaster & The Tightrope Walker (which is pretty true-to-life)

Ringmaster & Tightrope Walker

Let us go easy
As we watch them hit the ground
When the light is gone the memory
of nothings left to sound
Memories sweet whispers
are all that we’ll have left
So fall into these arms tonight
and share this one last breath

Bring on the comets
Bring on the comets

Bring on the comets
Bring on, Bring on
Bring on, Bring on
(repeat 3x)