Thirty Days of Thanks, Day Twenty-Two

Kairi and Tyler, sitting on my lap!

Today is the ultimate day of thanks … at least here in the U.S. Nothing like watching “America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” in Detroit and then heading down to Ford Field to watch the Lions play the Houston Texans (we were robbed of that game!) to make it a Detroit-type of Thanksgiving Day. Top it off with a Turkey dinner at the In-Laws, it’s just been a wonderful type of day.

So what am I thankful for today? Family, for one. I just wish I could spend it with everyone in my family. It’s always hard during the holidays trying to find a way to split time between two families.

Friends are also another thing that I’m thankful for. I may not always be in touch with them, but knowing they’re out there makes life less lonely.

And of course, there’s the everlasting love and devotion that I get from Hubby. That is something that I never take for granted and am so thankful that I’m blessed with having such a best friend and soulmate for my husband.

So there you have it … three things I’m absolutely thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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