Tall, Blonde and Blue-Eyed

I really got to reconsider my stance on men with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Not that I ever had anything against guys with those particular traits … it’s just that I never felt any “attraction” to them.

Well, except for Brad Pitt as Achilles in “Troy”. But hey … I think any woman would have the hots for him after seeing that one “love scene” in “Troy”; gratuitous butt shot notwithstanding. <sigh … >

Hubby, lucky gal that I am, has always been good about my celebrity “crushes” … after all, wasn’t he the guy that let me go all stalkarazzi on Johnny Depp back in June of 2009? We’ve just always had that type of honest relationship where we can talk about silly things like that. After all, both of us have our own “Friends”-inspired Top 5 Freebie List.

But there are two films that I’ve recently seen that had me salivating over a pair of baby blues with golden hair.

I’ve always had a “thing” for Paul Walker, ever since seeing him in the first installment of the “Fast/Furious” series. And yet it wasn’t until I saw him in “Into The Blue” that Paul first pushed up into the Top 5 list. So seeing him in Fast Five … well, let’s just say it had my heart racing.

And then there’s Chris Hemsworth, the lead actor in “Thor.”

Being the “non-Fangirl” that I am, I had seen the previews for “Thor” and was excited to see the movie. What I hadn’t expected when actually seeing the movie (in 3D IMAX at that!), was that I’d come face to face with a such a hot guy. Too bad he’s 11 years younger than me. And married. To the actress, Elsa Pataky. Who stars with Paul Walker in Fast Five.

And did you know that for “Thor” Chris trained with the same trainer that worked with Brad Pitt for “Troy”?

Oh … it’s like playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

So the point of this post? There is none really. I’m just finding it funny that a gal (me) who is typically attracted to “Tall, Dark, and Handsome” suddenly finds — not one, but two — blonde hair / blue-eyed celebrities making it into my Top Five Freebie List. At least for now.


Okay, silly picture from C2E2 2011.

Yes, that’s me trying to lift Thor’s Hammer over my head.

The d*mn thing was pretty heavy!

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  1. Bradley Cooper *sigh* (not really blonde, more honey colored) but seeing him in A-Team where he was shirtless most of the film…OMG! That man moved to the top of my top 5. I actually have a top 5 list and I actually carry that list with me 🙂

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