Itchy & Scratchy

Day Three (and supposed last day) of beautiful Chicago weather. Not sure how high we hit today, but at the end of the work day I saw a sign that read 78 degrees.

AND, since tourists are out in full swing in Chi-town … riding home on Lakeshore Drive, I saw tons of people on the sandy beach of Lake Michigan. I even saw a couple bikinis out there! Which … I really hope they didn’t try to brave the lake water, because I’m sure it’s waaaay to cold!

But with great weather in the Spring comes one of the worse things of the year … and that’s those seasonal allergies. I knew they’d hit me one of these days when I noticed on Wednesday the trees beginning to bud. And today … yup, they hit me at full force.

Itchy eyes. Scratchy throat. Nonstop runny nose. Yep … gotta love allergies!

Despite it all, I wouldn’t trade the beautiful weather for anything. In fact, I’d rather OD on Benedryl before I’d spoil a great weather day!


Busy day tomorrow; lots of cleaning abound. Must. Expose. Myself. To more. Allergens. (Oh joy!) But it’s all for a good cause … as this means that my niece and nephew will be heading into town Sunday evening!

So without any more ramblings … here’s my Lenten Dailies.

Daily Good Deed: On the bus ride from work to meet Hubby at the cafe on the opposite end of Michigan Avenue, I noticed a guy struggling to pull out money for the bus fare. So instead of making him dig for change, I took out my handy CTA Card and paid for his fare. Yeah, he was pretty grateful …

Daily Though of Gratitude: Visine for itchy eyes and Benedryl for all the other nasty allergy symptoms. At least I know I’ll be sleeping soundly tonite!!

4 Replies to “Itchy & Scratchy”

  1. Have a great weekend Em. Hope the allergies get better! Such a nice person you are to pay for that chap’s bus fare. Good job.

  2. Oh, yes. Gotta love spring allergies! Of course, I’m so dang allergic year-round (mold, dust, etc.) that it’s just another layer added to the party in my sinuses. The trees are in full bloom here, so I’m expecting the eye allergy part to set in any day now. Of course, I can be thankful for the fact that at least my allergies aren’t quite as bad here as they were in Texas– I had years and years to build up crazy reactions to the oak pollen that hits in the spring there (and juniper in the winter… and hay in the summer… and mold all the time). At least here, I’m not *yet* completely, 100% knocked down by the allergens! Give it time…

    Have a super weekend with the niece and nephew!

  3. Oh, ugh. I suffered HORRIBLY from seasonal allergies when I first moved to southern Ontario. Different tree pollens, I guess. They still bother me from time to time, some years more so than others. I generally take Claritin — it’s non-drowsy, unlike Benadryl, which always throws me for a loop.

  4. Have a great weekend Em. Hope the allergies get better! Such a nice person you are to pay for that chap’s bus fare. Good job.

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