Oh, but I wish …

So after my post venting about elders and respect yesterday, I managed to find a little humor late, late last night.

After another long evening at the hospital without any dinner, Hubby & I went to the local Italian-American restaurant that stays open quite late on the weekends. Not the best of food, but certainly satisfied the fact that we didn’t have to (yet again) pick up fast food. Especially since we’ve typically not gotten home every night until past 10 pm after visiting Dad in the hospital.

Anyway, it appeared that we were going to be their last customers of the night. Pretty much all the tables were cleaned off and the banquet rooms closed down. However, the staff was so accommodating to us, and for that we were grateful.

The funny moment came as Hubby & I were waiting for our meal. One of the older women who worked there happened to be passing by our booth. Hubby looked up and said, “Hi!”

The older women smiled at us and said, “Oh, but I wish …”

Both of us had a puzzled look on our face until it dawned on me what she meant. Then I started giggling … which then turned in to a full-blown guffaw.

How much that moment meant to me at that time, I’m sure this older woman will never know … but I totally needed that laugh at that exact moment.

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