Resolving Infertility

As I briefly mentioned in my previous entry, yesterday marked the beginning of National Infertility Awareness Week. And if you haven’t already, I hope you clicked over to the six long posts (starting here) I wrote during last year’s NIAW.

Not that you have to, but I thought that those blog entries still are quite relevant to where I am at today … even if Hubby & I hadn’t made our decision to live child-free until November of 2009.

In any case, I did want to spend some time today to focus on RESOLVE. I first stumbled upon this organization after finally seeing the first of my two infertility specialists. There in the lobby were newsletters and pamphlets about RESOLVE … something I would never have seen at my sterile, yet happy, normal OB-GYN office. And after spending quite a few appointments sitting in the waiting room reading these newsletters, I finally went home and visited the RESOLVE website.

Back in 2001, RESOLVE’s website was pretty basic. Although there was more detailed information about the science and treatment of infertility consolidated in one area than I had ever seen before, it was lacking something. It lacked the ability for an infertile individual (or couple) to relate to one another. It lacked the  sentiment of “common ground” amongst those traveling the lonely journey of infertility.

As Hubby & I remained the Infertile Path over the next several years, I continued to go to the RESOLVE website. And each time I returned, I’d notice the enhancements they had made; more online support opportunities, more local events for each chapter listed.

But most important (at least to me … ) there were articles about how to cope with the stressors (whether emotional or financial) associated with Infertility. And even better, there were articles to point family & friends to …  when there was no way to voice aloud how difficult the stigma of infertility was to deal with.

To date, RESOLVE is the most well-known non-profit organization that is dedicated to the promotion of reproductive health with a mission to increase infertility issues and awareness.

While my journey through infertility has ended with the decision to live child-free, I still head over to the RESOLVE website to remain informed with the latest reproductive health news. And just recently, they have totally redone their website to include even more support for the Infertility Community; including adding podcasts, webinars, and an online support community.

And sometime this week, during National Infertility Week, I urge you to visit RESOLVE’s website and learn more about this condition and what you can do to support a family member or a friend … a loved one, perhaps … who may be going through the trauma of infertility.

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  1. I really enjoyed your NIAW posts from last year and will be curious to read what you’ll be posting this week, especially on the whole child-free decision. DH and I are still deep in the fertility treatment world, but I’m pretty sure child-free will be the place for us if we don’t get anywhere in the next year or so. Thank you for courageously sharing about your life.

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