Why am I doing this? I’m sitting here on a Thursday night (yes, I’m still a day ahead) watching Discovery Channel. Tonight’s show just happens to be about the birth and growth of a set of quadruplets.

Yes, I know. Why. Must I. Continue. To put myself. Through torture?

Except … well, except the nurse in me is fascinated with it. Particularly because this set of quads happens to actually be two sets of identical twins. Two boys and two girls. And seeing as I’ve always been fascinated with identical twins, I got sucked right in.

And yet I know … I just know I’m jumping into a dark tunnel. I know that I’m going to start reflecting on my situation. And I know that I’m going to start feeling sorry for myself.

So … I will let myself watch this program. I *will* satisfy the nurse in me that loves watching the whole “Nature vs. Nurture” unfold. And I will smile.

After that, I will turn off the TV and turn in for the night. Then I will slip into bed and maybe let a tear or two slip. And I will go to sleep knowing that tomorrow will be another day …