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It’s been another long time since I’ve done a PWP post. This one has more to do about the recent events that have occured at work over the past week.

If anything, I know that employers and/or future employers can very well decide to google me one day and I’d hate to have them stumble upon a post about my particular line of work.

So if you’d like to follow along (and perhaps offer some sage advice), please comment on the post below and I’ll email you the password.

For those of you that have read my other PWP posts, the password is the same one I’ve used in the past. But seeing that it’s been well over 6 months, I totally understand if you might have forgotten it. Comment below and I’ll hook you up.


In the mean time, since the PWP post is a pretty detailed post, I might as well do my daily Lenten practice. And if you’re wondering how I’m actually writing in another language … it’s not that I’m multi-lingual. I’m just having fun with Google Translation! (Today, is Tagalog … and don’t ask me if it’s conversational, because I might be Filipino, but I’m an illiterate Filipino!)

Check out one of Hubby's *awesome* pieces of work!

Mabuting gawa ng araw: I think I may have found my new profession. I may not have the face of a Super Model (although Hubby begs to differ … he’s so sweet!), but apparently my hands are good for modeling Hubby’s designs for his portfolio. I posed my hands pro bono today … but if all goes well, I might have to wear hyperbaric chambers on my hands (a-la David Duchovny style in Zoolander) to prevent them from aging!

Pasasalamat ng Araw: Today I am grateful for living in a diverse city. Particularly because it’s much easier to find various ethnic foods around here than it was in Metro-Detroit. My aunt and cousins introduced Hubby & I to this tiny Chinese bakery that’s pretty close to our apartment. And mmmm … is it ever good, especially when it’s freshly made. Today we picked up some of my favorite baked BBQ pork buns, freshly made sesame seed balls, and moon cakes. Yummy!


Okay, so that’s it for now … again feel free to comment below if you’d like the password to the following post …

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