Hearts A-Flutter

Well, I know I’ve been pretty down for the past few posts. But I decided that today I’d try to be a bit cheerier. Especially since it’s Valentine’s Day.

Never mind that it was my day off and I didn’t bother getting out of bed until well after noon. Or that I had little energy to do anything other than to run to the kitchen and bathroom for necessary activities.

Another Sketch by
My Talented Hubby

But the wonderful thing about that was I spent the morning snuggling with the kitties, reading some blogs, and watching some great TV (classic episodes of ER with Drs. Greene, Ross, Benton and Lewis along with Carol).

And tonite, Hubby is taking me out to dinner. That’s in addition to the roses he had delivered at work yesterday. (Woo-hoo! I trumped the “I’m a new Grandma” ooh’s & ahh’s … how bad am I?) I am truly very lucky and blessed to have married such a wonderful man.

So Hubby … if I don’t tell you enough, I love you and I’m so happy that you are in my life. You are my world and words aren’t enough to express exactly how much your love mean to me. Your strength and patience with me means more than you’ll ever know. You hold the key to my heart.

Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Aww….your post and your hubby’s sketch brought tears to my eyes. I feel like a voyeur, actually. Very sweet.

  2. Beautiful sketch… do you frame them and hang them everywhere? I bet is feels so good knowing you are someone’s inspiration- bravo!

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