XX's and OO's needed

Well, it’s official. My 99-year old Grandma is off the respirator as of about 9 am Friday morning, CST. That would have made it 10 pm Friday evening there in the Philippines. They have also stopped her dialysis and heart medications … and as of 2 pm CST, she’s still been breathing on her own.

All this is news that I’ve gathered by emails from my cousin in CT, because silly me managed to leave her cell phone on Monday back in Detroit. Which means I’ve been without a phone for the past 4 days. I have called to talk to my Dad, who in turn, has only been able to talk directly to my Mom once or twice since she left the States. But any news he received was far less than what my awesome cousin has been telling me.

And before you ask why I haven’t been able to call myself … well, it’s because Hubby & I actually don’t have the ability to make international calls at this moment. Neither by our cell phones nor our land line digital phones (through Com-crap). What I should do is go to the nearest Filipino or Asian market and pick up a phone card. And then call … if I can only get the time difference straight. (As in, should I call at 4 am CST which would make it 5 pm there? Or should I call 5 pm CST which would make it 6 am the next morning there? So confusing … ) Plus there’s also the fact that (other than those basic naughty words) I can’t speak or understand Tagolog …

UGH … it’s times like this that I didn’t feel “torn” between to worlds. All I really want is to be with my Mom and my Grandma. I miss them terribly! And my heart is breaking, knowing that my Grandma will soon be gone and I won’t be able to be there to hug or kiss her good-bye … especially since it’s been years since I’ve physically kissed and hugged her since she moved back “home” to the Philippines.

Anyway, I just wanted to post quickly with an updated. Again, thanks for all the wonderful thoughts and prayers. Please please please … keep them coming! Now all I’m asking for is that my Aunt and Uncles make it back “home” in time to say their goodbyes. I believe they’re all scheduled to leave on Monday … with the hopes that they will arrive Tuesday evening (Filipino Time). I would just really want my Grandma to be surrounded by all her children before she moves on to the next world …

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  1. Thinking of you.

    I used to sit with the dying, in a former career. Very often I would see them wait until everyone was there until they were ready to let go. People truly do not die in palliative situations until they are ready.

    Sending hugs, and praying for your grandma, as she goes home.

  2. Emily,

    You and your family continue to reside close to my heart. I wish you a peaceful thoughts and love during this time. I am a firm believer that your Grandma knows you are there in spirit.

    In friendship – K

  3. Oh honey, I am sending all my love and prayers to your family.
    I hope your aunt and uncle make it on time.

  4. OH Emily, I’m sorry I’m so late in reading this. I believe they know you are there with them — that’s how powerful love is.

    I’m thinking of your family — lots of XX’s and OO’s..



  5. thinking of you and your family right now. I am sorry you are feeling the strain of distance. That is rough. I’m sending you a massive wall of peace right now… hugs and more hugs, too.

    (Oh, and here is a time zone converter I have used before: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/ . It looks like you can choose Chicago and Manila on their lists and get an idea of the local time whenever you want to call. Right now, it’s about 9:00 p.m. Chicago time, and it is 10:00 a.m. Tuesday morning in Manila- so add an hour and reverse the a.m./p.m. I hope this helps.)

  6. Emily….you and all the rest of our cousins and my sister, being the oldest (almost) I felt since I was getting all the news about Lola that I wanted to keep all of you informed which is what I did every time I got a phone call from our uncle and I posted it on my Facebook, sent out texts and emails. I guess being a journalist I have a way of getting the news out fast…lol.

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